Does anyone sell Rennet?

Junket tablets cost more than generic rennet, have an unspecified quantity of salt, and contain other ingredients that aren’t used in traditional cheese recipes. So why use it? Cornstarch is for pudding, not cheese.

'Cause I have it in my cabinet. But certainly suggest that you source generic rennet.

My entire point is that we can with resourcefulness create from what we already have in our cupboards. That I repeatedly read recipes or posts that suggest that we need to order from Amazon et al for esoteric stuffs we can find work-arounds for. It’s fun, it’s economic, it’s ecological. But that’s just my jollies. YMMV.

By the way my cheese didn’t work. Curds wouldn’t come together and stretch. Maybe it’s the ultra pasteurised milk or maybe skills

What kind of cheese were you trying to make?

Mozzarella. I followed instructions but wasn’t able to source non Ultra p milk

Mozzarella doesn’t work with ultrapasteurized milk

Ya I figured that was it. Thanks good thing I always have galbani backup

Ultrapasteurized issue aside, I think mozzarella is difficult. I’ve had housemade and house-stretched at a lot of restaurants and they were all inferior to commercial products.

dang… i’m really hoping to learn to do a decent job because galbani being our best option is really really poor for my pizzas.

We have made mozzarella quite often and it is really an easy cheese to make (on a level that it can easily compete with commercial products). It is a typical starter project because it easily gives great results. (The is a reason why literally every entry-level cheese making class/course uses mozzarella as the first example)

My professional baker friend who has made some of the best pizzas I’ve ever had uses whole-milk brick mozzarella from Berkeley Bowl. Since it’s cut and wrapped there I don’t know what brand it is other than definitely not Polly-O.

The uniformly mediocre housemade and house-stretched mozzarella I’ve had at restaurants would probably have been fine on a pizza rather than as an appetizer.

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