"Doggie" bags - do you get them

…and then do you eat the food later?

When I look around restaurants a lot of plates seem to have a fair amount to a lot of food left over. Maybe it’s just where we go. Do you get a doggie bag when there’s food left? And do you actually eat it or does it sit in the fridge til you throw it out? I thought of this because of our breakfast this morning. We had a little leftover chile verde with some rice and beans. Maybe four or five small pieces of meat. I reheated in the MW, put on plates, topped with an over easy egg and a slice of toast. It was a great breakfast. Really, really tasty.

So what do y’all do?

If it’s food that’s good left over, yes. I combine random small bits of leftovers for lunch all the time.

Oh definitely had to be something that will carry over. We’ve even taken home French fries. Put on a baking sheet and warm for ten minutes or so at 350 and sometimes they’re better than the first time through. Random bits? I like that. And I can put almost anything in an omelet.

I FREQUENTLY have half a dinner wrapped to go. Portions seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Maybe it’s a value thing. Getting a lot on your plate means it was worth the price? And at a time when I’m noticing that I REALLY don’t want to finish that last piece of chicken or the other half of that sandwich. I have no problem at all asking for something to be wrapped up.

They frequently get taken in to work as easily nuked lunches or snacks if smallish. I tend not to remake them into things unless it’s stuff like extra rice from someplace, in which case, yeah, I’ll fry it with soysauce and some egg or something…

My husband and I share everything and still sometimes take something home. But we’re ‘senior citizens’ or so ‘they’ say.

If I can’t eat it cold straight out of the fridge the next morning? I leave it (except mashed potatoes). And I definitely avoid food I have to “repurpose” to make it edible (except pasta).

Curious about why.

Are there really things you can’t eat cold straight out of the fridge the next morning?

Or is the thought more about things you won’t (or don’t like to) eat cold straight out of the fridge the next morning?

Unless I had no heating option, I’d be unlikely to eat cold chile verde, rice and refried beans. I’d be unlikely to eat cold fries. More?

I was told grammar is not a criterion for this site.

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Are you replying to me? I was just wondering why you will only eat leftovers if they can be eaten cold.

Yes and yes. I don’t have a huge appetite, but I like to try multiple dishes, so I often order with an eye toward what will make good leftovers. Currently my fridge contains carnitas left over from Thursday night’s dinner and braised beef cheeks from last night (clearly the weather Here is making me crave rich, slow-cooked meats). I’ll eat both for breakfast or lunch over the course of this weekend. As others have said, I’ll add almost any leftover meat or vegetable to scrambled eggs.

Yay, my sibling in crime! AND I consider if, like all leftovers, a “free” meal. It’s already been paid for or cooked.

No. And I find most leftover restaurant food doesn’t reheat well. Except fried rice or pizza. Maybe certain pastas.

I really find the re-heat-ability to be the same for restaurant and home. I even reheat rare steak and keep it rare. I don’t like to reheat chicken but rarely eat it out - except for wings…and there are seldom leftovers. I’m going to have to think about if there are things that don’t reheat well. Off the top of my head I don’t like chow fun as I think the noodles get gummy.

I also don’t want to dirty a pan to eat leftovers. :smirk:

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I thought of this while ‘preparing’ my dinner just now. Week old polenta with butter and cheese and some @nashwill Will Owen’s pork shoulder. MW’d. I have a rotten cold and this is so comforting.

I find leftovers better cold.

Examples please? I think my last night’s dinner would have been pretty nasty cold. Cold polenta and cold fatty pork? Yuckers. YMMV.

My personal likes: Pho is very good straight from of the fridge. And expertly fried food such as fish, zucchini sticks, and orange chicken. Pasta puttanesca is another. The boy eats cold lasagna.

No tacos, French fries or eggs.

Breakfast today. Want some? :wink:

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