Dominique Ansel opening up LA bakery and restaurant

I didn’t realize it was a TV show. But what I am coming to realize is the person I thought was greatly responsible for the success (and fun) of this site is the biggest asshole of all.

It’s a dry sense of humor.

To you maybe. I prefer my sense of humor dry. But ipsedixit is starting to remind me of the five mean girls that make up Yelp.

Edit: @PorkyBelly is dry.

Oh, absolutely. Literally no one eats gluten in Los Angeles.

But we have this massive amount of tourism, and all of those people are unaffected. That’s how something that no one that lives in Los Angeles would ever eat, avocado toast, became the most well-known breakfast item in LA on every menu. Tourists eat it up as a stereotype that is “so LA” but meets their intense needs for gluten consumption.

These big name bakers all cater to the tourists that surge in and have unrefined appetites for gluten.

This also explains how places like Bestia are able to be so extremely popular while shilling menus full of pasta, pizza, and fresh bread. The poor tourists, starving for any amount of gluten they can possibly get, flock to such establishments, creating a kind of paradox of super popular places that thrive by selling gluten-laden cuisine in a city where no one eats it.

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Nah, those girls are just whiny.


You’re probably right. But there is a difference between being dry and being snarky or worse, mocking someone. For those reasons I have never had a Facebook or Twitter account. It is something that has always bothered me about social media. I like joking with folks. But the times I’ve become combative is when someone is mocking or being unnecessarily critical of another poster. I joined FTC to talk and celebrate food with other food geeks like myself. Because of this I give more “likes” than I get. I’m probably the only one who has a “love badge”, with the exception of maybe @ElsieDee. Not that I don’t get “likes”; I get about as many as anyone else. But I like to make people feel good and included. If someone is being a dick you let it go a few times but…


Facebook is not as bad as everyone says. You can only accept friend requests from people you know, and you can delete anyone you don’t like. Whatever content you have on your Facebook is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Plus, people are usually afraid to say too much since it’s anchored to their real identities.

Typically people get far worse when they are protected by anonymity versus something like Facebook, at least in my experience. I don’t know what Twitter is for, other than live news in disasters from people affected.

It’s funny. The Internet sort of grew with a bunch of small, specialized anonymous forums like this one, but these days most of them seem kind of gone in lieu of places like FB, or they are semi-forums that are so massive there is not much continuity to them like Reddit. Although, funnily enough, the most chaotic and loosely structured forum ever made has managed to stick around: 4Chan. But 4Chan has always been too chaotic to be super meaningful, other than as Internet pranksters occasionally.

What does the love badge actually denote? Given out 1,000 likes or something similar?

I don’t get the love for the cronut at all. I thought the DKA was far superior =X

Cool more options.

I would love to try it.

Honestly, I might hit up Sidecar a few times in a year but most of the times those Cambodian mom-n-pop donut shops hit the spot. Also Dunkin has horrible donuts, maybe the Cambodians should teach them a thing or 2. Can’t believe East Coasters have to deal with that shit.

I for one Welcome these new bakeries.

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People in LA absolutely eat gluten.

But only if it’s organic, locally sourced and humanely cultivated.

Have you had the kouign amann at Bouchon? That one if pretty good but would love to try the DKA and the cronut.

traffic constraints have prevented me from visiting any of the local pastry heavy hitters :frowning:

You might already know but Sidecar has a shop on Wilshire in SaMo. Never been to the original so I can’t compare. But they are one of the best donuts in the Westside albeit $$$ vs. places like Primo’s.

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I don’t get cronut copy-cats nut I’d be willing to try his. Now that DKA - how’s it rate?

having traveled the 3 thousand miles, I actually prefer the local cronut copycats to the real thing. Frances bakery in particular made a copycat that I thought was far superior than the original. Of course, the OG only offers 1 flavor a month, so that might be part of the reason…

the DKA though, man. I’d eat multiples of those in 1 sitting.


They are quite delicious! I had almost forgotten about it.

The humor of the fact that ‘DKA’ also stands for diabetic ketoacidosis is not lost upon me… :slight_smile:

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I prefer the DKA, bouchon’s is good but a little too sweet for me.

Dang, J_L - first you yawned this thread’s yum, now you’re boner-breaking - figuratively speaking of course. Sounds like someone hasn’t had his usual daily multi bang-bangs - culinarily speaking of course - not that the other kind isn’t great. I’d better move on…


I’m grouchy before my morning coffee…

My yawn comment earlier reflects my feeling that if Mr. Ansel wanted to market to the West Coast, he should have come to L.A. much earlier; struck “while the iron was hot”, as it were - back when the cronut was THE thing to have.

Getting a cautious ‘lay of the land’ is good when expanding your business, but after 2-3 years of planning, I’m not sure the new venture would be as successful as if he had opened a location here, say, 1-2 years back.

Just my pre-caffeinated thoughts…

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