Dominique Ansel opening up LA bakery and restaurant

What are Cambodian donuts?

You should eat your breakfast before your morning coffee. It’s more civilized.

Thanks @Aesthete. I suppose you’re right. It’s not all bad.

Yes, the badge is for using all your allotted “likes” in one day or something like that. For disclosure sake; I was just catching up after being on vacation… but still.

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That’s true, free-range gluten is acceptable, and damn good (I admit to cheating with it myself occasionally).

Whoa, there’s a daily limit? What is the limit?? haha

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if Mr. Ansel wanted to market to the West Coast, he should have come to L.A. much earlier; struck “while the iron was hot”, as it were - back when the cronut was THE thing to have.

I think it’s 50. For this reason I haven’t looked at the 2016 Weekend Rundown since returning. I’ll be “liking” all over the place. It’s actually embarrassing. But I can’t help it; it’s how I’m built.


Wow, why is it capped at so few?

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I thought Dunkin’ was trying to capitalize on the nostalgia of East Coast transplants who miss their coffee. I never understood it…went on a business trip to CT years ago, and those folks swear by Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and doughnuts…I tried it and thought there wasn’t anything extraordinary about it.


DD makes a pretty good iced coffee at a very friendly price point. Very nice for those 80 degree 80% humidity days in Manhattan when you’re tempted to even pass up a cab without air conditioning during rush hour in Midtown.

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Good to know, @ipsedixit. I’ve never tried the iced coffee.

What’s funny is that Dunkin’ Donuts used to be in L.A. years ago from an L.A. times article I read (I think the 1990’s). They folded, and left. Then they come back now and people are freaking out over it. Weird.

East Coast transplants are freaking out over it because since the 90s LA became the cool city, and all of them started moving here.

A little ode to the Dunkin Iced Coffee.

Not gourmet by any means, but approachable and, ahem, budget friendly.

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I will endeavor to check it out if I ever find myself at one. Thanks!

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I’m one of those East Coast transplants (by way of Philadelphia, PA; Ithaca, NY, Gainesville, Florida; and Chicago, IL). While I do frequent mom & pop doughnut shops a lot, I will still occasionally hit up DD for a coffee and a breakfast bagel sandwich.

Proof is in da puddin’ yo.

Actually, back in the day, when I was a real young kid, and I moved across the country to live in Boston because of a woman and a job in fashion, it was well before the 3rd wave coffee scene had really exploded, and I recall days where I drank some DD iced coffee. For what it is, I can appreciate it. Never could stomach the donuts, though. But there was one right next to this pizza parlor I used to get whole chicken and garlic pies from for like $10. I never knew pizza could be so good for so cheap until I moved out there. Alas…the fires of my young love (for women nor fashion) could not withstand those icy winters.

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I wonder what makes pizza in Boston so great, because it really is!

I always thought of Dunkin’ Donuts as the East Coast Winchells or vice versa. Didn’t realize people made a big deal about it when they opened here. I remember the Krispy Kreme frenzy, but not DD.

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Hi @TheCookie,

Yup, I feel the same way. :smile: I never thought of them like some amazing Donut (ala Pastry Chef Nicole Rucker’s Cofax Donuts), or the way our FTCers / Hounds loved Donut Man, or Sidecar, etc.

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