Dong Chun Hong Closed

I saw that Dong Chun Hong in ktown closed recently… does anyone know why??? Legit my favorite spot in ktown and possibly the place we went to the most, their tangsooyook was my absolute favorite and the jjamppong was bomb. Both actually better than some places I’ve been to in Korea.

Can anyone recommend comparable kchinese food in/near ktown? Shanghai Mong sucks and DCH was our go-to for so long and I don’t know what to do anymore :frowning: I’m so sad…

Darn, I have always been meaning to check them out. Miss a good jajangmyeon and jjampongs. My wife has been ordering delivery from Hanjan but they charge $$$$$$ for a bowl!!

I think Hyo dong gak might be ok but I haven’t eaten there in person yet.
Hanjan is kinda bougie lol but I did like their ddukbokki although it’s more like dduk kkochi. it’s def more like bougie korean bar food than kchinese.