Down-to-Earth Cooking at Jucy's Natraliart Jamaican Restaurant - Review



Damn everything sounds and looks tasty!

I love soups and stews, not just for the taste but for the historical and social contexts.

I was pretty set on Ackee in Leimert Park for my 1st Jamaican food experience but I think I will go here, thanks to you

Reminds me I need to type up a report on the Belizean market/restaurant I went too. Who knew in LA we have a Belizean neighborhood?


Great report. Sad to hear the beef patty wasn’t that great; it looks so delicious. The rice cooked in coconut milk sounds really interesting (in a good way). Will see if I can convince partner to accompany me that far out! ; )

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I certainly did not! Do tell–where??

Western between Adams and King, you will find a handful of Belizean restaurants.


Wow, had no idea! Thanks!

Looking forward to the report (esp since I know nothing about Belizean food)! True chowhounding (or FTC’ing or… whatever ;)) on your part!

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Throws you off if you aren’t expecting it but a lot of empanadas have a sweetish dough like the Bolivian Saltenas for example, it’s normal but I see how some might find it odd.


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yah, definitely give it a try when you can. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your report on the Belizean restaurant!

Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Loved the Red Beans & Rice. :slight_smile: Hopefully you can try it. But this isn’t as far as Downtown LA either! :wink:

Oh. I actually like their beef patties. Pretty good iteration. Might have been a bad batch or maybe not your thing. I’ve always had good luck with them from Natraliart.
Give the ackee a try. Just because it seems such a Jamaican thing. The first time I asked about it the guy behind the counter described it by stating, “Hmmmmm. It’s like . . . a side.” It is hard to describe I suppose.


Ackee and saltfish is one of my favorite Jamaican dishes. I’ve wanted to try Jucy’s since a friend first told me about it years ago so I’ll have to try their rendition. Thanks Chowseeker1999 for the reminder and thorough review. Their patties look good to me. I don’t mind sweet dough. Love festival bread which is served at some Jamaican establishments - a sweet fried bread eaten with savory dishes.

Hi @frommtron @chinchi,

Thanks! Now that I know what the “Patties” are supposed to taste like, I’ll give them another try (maybe the Chicken or Veggie Patty). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Ackee rec. I saw it on the menu, but wasn’t sure what it was or how it tasted. Will try it next time!

They have that at Will’s Jamaican. IMO the best Jamaican in town

@Chowseeker1999 you should try it

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