Drinks near Staples Center? I have an acquaintance in town

Where to go for drinks, and maybe a civilized appetizer this week?

The ideal has good food/drinks/atmosphere and isn’t a chain; he’s here for business so if the timing lines up I think late night will be easiest for both of us.

I’ve got a car, so I could have him meet me somewhere in Little Tokyo and just give him a ride back to his hotel? I’m trying to avoid paying for parking, and then suffering the indignity of bad food/unmemorable drinks. Park once, right?

how late?

bestia seems the obvious choice. maybe ERB?

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Nest or WP24. Both open until 10 p.m. (later on Fri/Sat)

If you need something later, then Seven Grand or Perch.


Broken Spanish. Also great desserts.



Broken Spanish

Old school LA at Pacific Dining Car (Downtown original location) - Open 24/7. Not known for their foo-foo drinks, but a solid martini is a good bet there.

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