Drips & Swirls (Koreatown)

So you like soft serve?

Do you like coffee?

Do you like cold brew coffee?

Do you like all three together?

Then get thee to Drips & Swirls.

Have you ever had cold brew coffee soft serve? Made on-site or, as some are wont to say, housemade?

Seriously good soft serve, rich velvety texture, strong bold coffee flavor. Good brew. Err, good soft serve. Or, ahem, good soft serve brew.

Better than that Magpies stuff, which is too often ickly sweet.

Drips & Swirls
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3076 West 8th Street


what time do they close. i’m tempted to walk over RIGHT NOW and their site is (sadly) devoid of info.

Apologies, but I dunno.

Give them a buzz, (213) 568-3021

Sadly, they were closed when I got over there. Menu looks like soft serve, nitro cold brew, nitro tea (!) and more. Would’ve snapped pics, but was consumed by sadness and lack of adequate light (haha).

Will try again tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads-up @ipsedixit!

Just went: Good, no, make that REALLY good soft serve, with neat flavors that the manager says change often. The soft serve consistency is excellent. On the menu today: green apple soft serve (topped with li hing powder) and peanut soft serve (topped with powdered butter and strawberry jam).

Float: Yuzu apple float: It works. They use the green apple soft serve and some sort of carbonated yuzu soda.

Nitro brewed tea: Interesting - lighter in strength than I thought it’d be.

Going back for a pour-over soon…

Open 'til 9pm most days.


I went yesterday! Had the cold-brew soft serve. Seconding @J_L; this is grade-A stuff with awesome texture and wonderful flavor. Didn’t have toppings on mine, though.

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What is powdered butter?

The stuff they put on my peanut soft serve.

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I think Magpies is awesome

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Strawberries and cream. New soft serve flavor today.

What does it remind me of? A Donut Man strawberry donut done soft serve style.

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Dammit ipse, why you gotta go and make me do a Ktown detour on my route?


Thanks for the report! I saw some pics but was skeptical because the soft serve looked slimy. Right now my favorite soft serve is at Cottonhi, their tiramisu with the shot of sweet espresso is outrageous.


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Still gotta tip the hat to HoneyMee over CottonHi. For me, Drips & Swirls, is somewhere in between.

Not a bad triumvirate, though.

HoneyMee is excellent soft serve, but I like flavors. So that is why I perfer going to Cottonhi. However, for honey green tea, I LOVE HoneyMee

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Some new flavors here that make me very happy that temperatures are forecasted to be in the 90s this weekend.

  • Fruit punch (or Koolaid) with Tajin (tastes like one of those Mexican fruit cups you get from a typical corner fruit cart in soft serve).

  • Rose Hibiscus with sugar rocks (very muted flavor, a bit flat, but still interesting)

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