DTLA - Brunch Recommendations


Thanks Friends. These are all great memory joggers! There are many cool spots you forget about even if you’ve been.

I think Manuela will fit this particular bill. There’s enough inside/outside space to satisfy toddler’s mid-meal rebellion. And it’s his mama’s bday… She could use a cocktail, some brunch and Annie Leibovitz.

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I really need to check this place out soon.


don’t forget to visit the mise en place, i mean chickens.


What? For reelz?



I believe they’re what whole foods calls a “step 6” chicken. Private schooled with daily massages and weekly mani-pedis.

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Go check out the Arts District.

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check out the free exhibits at over the influence next door or maybe the disgusting food museum. pro tip: go after brunch.

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People can come earlier than I thought. We’re doing gallery first then Manuela, maybe gross museum after.

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JiST Cafe … get the omurice for yourself and have your veggie friend fend for themselves (although the pancakes are good, if a bit on the sweet side)

Simone … get the burrata dish and the polenta pancake

Zinc Cafe … mushroom nut loaf (assuming your veggie friend is ok with eggs)


Everson Royce Bar is open 2pm on Sunday afternoons - Nice outdoor patio, ridiculous biscuits, and a ludicrously good burger. ERB is a short drive (but be warned that it’s a fairly long walk by L.A. standards, especially with a toddler) from Hauser & Wirth. If it was my party, I’d first go see the exhibits (and chickens), skip Manuela altogether, then enjoy Everson Royce Bar.



We’ve done many a family brunch here. If on a Sunday, there is usually a Family Workshop if interested:
Visiting with the chickens who jump in and out of their enclosure is fun.

I haven’t had many successful dinners with the previous chef at Manuela, but the brunch is one of my favorites in LA. It’s all about the biscuits, though.

For the kids, we set them up with Rocket Balloons in the courtyard and they have a blast. Bring plenty though. They land on the roof and you’ll attract a crowd of children who all want in.

Then Salt & Straw after. Perfect family brunch IMHO.

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You don’t post a lot @chewchow, but when you do you really bring it. This is getting better and better. Fortunately (or unfortunately) a couple people were sick and a couple were just plain tired. We’re postponing. Now I have time to plan for more of this fun.

I’ve read some people’s dislike of Manuela’s food on this board. I don’t remember having a particularly bad or great meal there. But sometimes it’s a matter of location and menu variety when accommodating a group - we often travel in packs. Plus, the new brunch menu looks delicious. Thanks!

Thanks @ipsedixit. When I did a search of area restaurants Manuela automatically kept coming up, then just that Americano place.

P.S. I was one of the sick ones, hives and everything. It was vegetable soup from Vegan Glory on Beverly BL for me.

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Feel better, Cookie. It’s goin’ around!:sneezing_face:

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Ah ha…:wink: That was the previous weekend’s brunch. I was gonna’ put it on the Weekend Rundown, but…

I :heart: the Single Burger so much. We once stopped in for a quick one after chowing down at Guerrilla Tacos.

I have taken so many pictures of this burger trying to capture how delicious it is. It’s the FTC equivalent of an artist drawing the same tree over and over trying to capture its beauty but not succeeding. :relaxed: It’s so simple looking and sometimes downright unattractive with that misshapen bun, but :kissing_closed_eyes:. How do I love thee? Here’s just a few ways…

One with a crispy cheddar cheese edge, juicy, buttery beef patty, dijon-mayo on golden griddled brioche.

Caramelized patty & bun, still buttery, juicy

On this last visit the buttery, bloody, juicy soaked into the golden, crispy bun underneath.

I :heart: this burger anyway they serve it. The guys had at least 2 each!

Tried the Juicy Lucy once…

Nope! We all agreed, you can’t mess with perfection. It’s the Single Burger for us!

A great burger deserves great fries!

JGold said nothing goes better with the ‘extraordinarily good bourbon collection’ than Chef Matt Molina’s hot buttermilk biscuits.

BBQ Chicken Thighs w/Aji Panca & Lime

(internet photo) I had no idea what I’d been missing! :heart_eyes: Smokey, juicy, tender, deliciousness.

I wasn’t crazy about their cocktails at first.

… but they stepped it up. I love the Cuddy Bang.

Saw this concoction in a jug.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it looks like there’s some work involved. Their hands are very busy.

They also have a delicious crispy, chewy, melty, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, that had I known how yum it would be I’d have taken a picture.

Music & Bocce Ball for everyone!

Great times here!


My favorites are Manuela and The Exchange.

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Manuela at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery - DTLA

Lavendar Sour - Hendricks gin, garden lavender, meyer lemon, egg white

Minerva - Mulholland whiskey, grand marnier, cara cara orange, meyer lemon, oregano

We liked this one best.

Cream Biscuits, Deviled Eggs, Minter Sweet Oysters

The biscuits were devoured @chewchow. My husband who isn’t a biscuit lover ate three.

Wood Grilled Sunchokes, Green Garlic Buttermilk, Anchovy Breadcrumbs, Sansho

Blue Cornmeal Pancakes, Bacon Maple Syrup, Persimmon


Strauss Hanger Steak & Eggs w/Chimichurri

(internet photo)

Crispy Polenta, Maitake Ragu, Creme Fraiche

(internet photo) Ours had a fried egg.

The kids had a blast

No photos of the chickens but they were beautiful. Too pretty to eat. :yum:

…so did the adults

The Annie Leibovitz retro is very cool. I’d like to go see it again without the kids… and I mean a couple of the grown ones too. One of them joked “This isn’t that great. They’re no photos of Chvrches.” :roll_eyes:

The kids were getting antsy in the gallery, so we skipped the Disgusting Food Museum, although I think the 8 yr old boys would love it. We also ordered some rocket balloons from Amazon (couldn’t find them anywhere locally) for next time. Yes, we are already talking about a sequel. I’d like to go early and take the kids to a workshop.

This really is a great little excursion for the family!

Thanks @chewchow and everyone!