DTLA or mid-city Friday Dinner for Picky Eaters

A group of my husband’s coworkers want to have dinner on Friday night. One has dietary restrictions of gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan. What puzzles me even more is that all of their Westide-leaning suggestions included the following:
The District
Toca Madera
Is it me or are those options not really known for gluten-free or vegetarian/Vegan.
My husband and I are just trying to avoid having to drive from the suburbs to the Westside on a Friday evening. None of them live on the Westside. Can anyone offer DTLA or even mid-city options that may fit the bill?




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@PorkyBelly PYT isn’t a bad idea…but what are the rest of us going to eat? I rather liked your original idea of Badmaash. That seems doable, too.

Exchange at the freehand

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Doesn’t everyone love Broken Spanish? It’s also kind of easy to eat vegan/gluten-free at Mexican places.

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I am honestly a huge carnivore, but the food at PYT is excellent and I didn’t even miss the meat. In fact, I didn’t realize I had a completely meat-free meal there until I raved about it and described to my friend what we had. If you are still unconvinced, I think there is a burger on the menu now.


Yes, indeed. As well as a BLT.

But both available only at lunch unfortunately.

What’s PYT?

Part of the Orsa & Winston and Baco Mercat group of restaurants. Very produce forward.

Apparently, I’m destined for an evening of not ideal dining at Toca Madera. This may be the first and last dinner invitation that I willingly accept with his coworkers. My sister informed me last night that Toca Madera is popular because the cast of Vanderpump Rules frequent it for it’s clubby-like atmosphere. What a wasted trip into the city.


I offer you my sincerest condolences on the sudden loss of your potentially awesome Saturday night dinner in town. Such potential…such a pity.


Weird! Walked in there last night an hour before closing and kitchen wouldn’t serve us.

If a group is going out to eat I am done with trying to cater to 1 person in the group. My best friend is a gluten free, vegan, vegetable hater and I’m done!. He comes where we go and orders water for all I care.

Every normal place will have some salad or whatever for your restricted friend.


I am lucky enough to not have friends or coworkers with specific dietary restrictions. These are the husband’s coworkers. They overruled him and wanted to try this trendy nonsense.

Yes, I live by Toca Madera and it’s great to start a night hour at their bar. Had a couple of happy hour visits. Not eating there


not even a joke. and he’s always hungry… any time we meet up like last night… at 10… we’re hunting for food… because there’s nothing he can eat aside from french fries and broth lol… i’m just trying to get my drink on and here we are bouncing around place to place being told kitchen is closed.

and of course wont eat from food trucks…

as you can tell this isn’t a friendship orientated around food


Gee, wonder why…

On second thought, KazuNori might fit the bill. Open til 11PM. They also has beer and sake if alcohol is part of the plan.

You are a good friend. And your adventures in dining have to a hilarious calamity of errors.