Duck House vs. Ji Rong Take Out Peking Duck

We’ve taken out Duck House many a time and thought it was excellent. Has anyone ordered Pandemic Peking Duck from JiRong to go and know how it compares? TIA

Ji Rong is a formidable competitor to Duck House. I enjoyed my Ji Rong takeout in March immensely.


Thanks, JL! Do you recall if the warming instructions were similar?

I would like to throw in Beijing’s Tasty House duck into the mix for consideration.


Mrs. J_L (who assisted in that phase) states similar preps.


How does the Peking duck at WP24 compare?
WP24’s Peking Duck was one of the main courses served at the reception dinner for the then Chinese vice president and the current Chinese President Xi Jinping when he visited Los Angeles in 2012.
US hosts for the event included the then Vice Presidents Joe Biden (an equivalent), California Governor Jerry Brown, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Before dinner Xi attended a Lakers game at STAPLES Center where he was greeted by AEG Executives, Magic Johnson and David Beckham,

What does this fact have to do with the question of whether the peking duck at WP24 is noteworthy?


OMG - it’s so obv - you think these people would tolerate bad peeking :eyes: duck???

Biden looks like he hasn’t had a decent meal since he was a Congressman.

Obama had, like, two bites of his sushi at Jiro.

It is so comical - and, I suppose, quite sad - how much care and effort goes into the food selection, preparation, and service for these jackasses. And how almost none of it ever gets eaten.


With the caveat it’s been a few years, I thought the ESGV winner was Happy Duck House, now known as Golden Duck House.

But, a +1 on JiRong and Beijing Tasty House.

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Wow! Big price difference between JiRong ($65) and Duck House ($56). Am I missing something? JiRong doesn’t seem to be including soup for that price.

Yes, soup is extra at JiRong. But it’s a great soup.

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