Dumpling Inn...still fantastic!

Just got back from lunch today at the new Dumpling Inn…

It’s where the Korean market used to be.
For the record, I’ve known the owner, Claire, for 20+ years…she is a lovely Taiwanese gal (Ipse tribe)
and I couldn’t be happier for her success.

The new space is huge…especially, from the old 10 table place next door.
Huge bar with tons of great 20+ local craft beers and a lot of singles sitting at the bar to eat and run…something that could of never happened at the old location.

Pouring rain and it was packed…no wait for me but they seem to turn tables quickly…great to see lots of big parties there…
I called ahead for the pan fried vegetarian dumplings and DH had the Cashew Chicken with extra brown sauce that they use for the Kung Pao…sorry Ipse but the dumplings and the Cashew Chicken are excellent.
I take about 5 tablespoons of the sambal with some brown sauce of the Kung Pao and dip my bad boys into this sauce of the Gods…

I see no change in the food quality, whatsoever…
Unless I go see Mama Ipse in the SGV.

Love love love this place!

So- been out of the universe for a while?

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I don’t get out much…