Early lunch before the broad at 1pm cinco de mayo?

We would like to sit at 11/1130 and be able to walk. Were good walkers, so multiple blocks are ok as long as the time restriction works.
Were pretty much into any cuisine. Were on a budget-trying for 40$-ish for lunch. No wine.
We have a reservation at the hungry cat afterward.
Thanks for your input/advice :slight_smile:


Bs taqueria
Cento pasta bar
Little sister
Rice bar


Grand Central Market 0.5 miles away but a little hilly of a walk. Lots of great options and choices well under $40 for 2 people. Order at the counter and plenty of seating available at 11am.

Knead pasta
Belcampo - hot dog, fries and fast burger
Wexler’s Deli - pastrami sandwiches
Morelina - carnitas tacos
Madcapra - falafel
McConnells - ice cream for the walk over

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Colburn Cafe for something casual.

Or Mendocino Farms or Blue Cow Kitchen.

Or Pez Cantina because it’s Cinco de Mayo.

Or maybe NIck and Stef’s for something more formal.

Rice bar was my first choice-hows the seating/crowd on a thurs?

Seating sucks. Uncomfortable and cramped.

Get there early enough and you can beat the lunchtime crowd.

That said, you do realize that Rice Bar is a good 15-20 minute hike to the Broad, right?

Yes-ty. Chego!? Any opinions?

You should be fine if you get there at 11. That should also give you enough time for another bang bang at belcampo and mcconnell’s

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More towards Chinatown in terms of direction, but definitely walk-able…

Make it an all-seafood day:

Lobsta Shack
701 W. Cesar Chavez Ave.

Opens at 11AM.

On another note: First task to do once you get into The Broad is try and get timed tickets for Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room (unless of course you don’t wanna see it)…

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Wow-thank you! Will gonright to the ticket terminal.

We ended up at a Burmese spot on the way to DTLA. Had a craving & this place was on the way. Cute well priced & tasty.
Monterey park-easy on easy off. No crowd at all.
Shan Noodles-we were disappointed at first but after the ingredients melded it was tasty.
Mutton Kima-delicious
Of course tea leaf salad. Good version. No lettice which I prefer. Very fresh and clean. I would have liked a little
more funk.
Good meal.

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