Eataly - Century City

Opens tomorrow


If anyone goes this weekend, can you please report back on the crowd issue? I’d love to go, but don’t want to schlep all the way to the west part of the world to only to deal with a madhouse.

I would put money on it being a mad house maybe wait a couple of months

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yea it’s ridiculous to go to any place that just opened up… i guess if i had money to burn i wouldnt care. kitchens are NEVER ready right off the bat.

I agree with that, but I want to see the groceries and bread. Not sure I will eat there right away.

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Yea def. I want to go to. I’ve been looking for dried canellinni… (though i just ordered 10lbs on amz)

Will try to go tonight since one of my offices is ALMOST within walking distance ('cuz ain’t no way I’m dealing w/ the parking there). I think tonight is the grand opening, so I imagine it will be terrifying.

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Just saw on FB a pic of Batali and others with the note that they open at 6PM.

Just saw a preview in Time Out.

No mention of a chicken station. The Eataly in NYC near Madison Square Park has one of the best roast chickens I have ever had. The chickens come from some local purveyor in Pennsylvania, which obviously can’t be duplicated here.

OMG, I just read the description of the wine shop. Sounds wonderful. Good riddance to Gelson’s and their horrible wine selection. And Eataly is open to 11:00 p.m., just like Gelson’s.

I think some places in the mall are going to suffer, like Gelson’s and Obica (which is overpriced and just okay in my opinion), but it’s compete or die.

As to crowds, I assume they are going to be bad. I remember being at Eataly in NYC a couple of years ago (and years after it opened) on a summer holiday weekend and the crowds were so bad, mostly with tourists, that I had to leave because I don’t deal well with crowds. Maybe we don’t have as many tourists here in Los Angeles? Eataly in NYC is fine in February – I guess the dreary weather keeps everyone away.

On another subject, anyone tried the upscale Mexican place that just opened at the Mall?

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What’s wrong with the parking? Don’t think I’ve ever had a problem finding a space and they have those helpful lights.

The parking is worse since they remodeled the mall. Fewer free spaces (more valet) and more people competing for the free spaces. I used to breeze in at night to shop at Gelson’s and now it is a pain in the neck to hunt for a space just to buy groceries.


Crap. But good to know. Glad I live close enough to walk. I’ll need to work off those calories somehow!

I often walk to the Mall and I’m much happier. They have also taken a lot of the good spaces by Gelson’s (I mean they are good if you are dashing in to buy groceries) and elsewhere in the parking lot as well and made them for electric vehicles only, although I have started parking in those spaces despite not having an electric vehicle and nothing horrible has happened to me. I really don’t feel like valet parking to run in and get some groceries.

Was just there. Line outside is seriously the length of Howlin’ Rays multiplied by 5. Extended past the Container Store.

I think ima gonna try them later.


Interesting interview about the new Eataly and why why they choose L.A., not San Francisco.

Can’t wait to shop there. Next week around 9:00 p.m. sounds about right to avoid the crowds. I’m hoping they stock Bianco DiNapoli canned tomatoes and I know they will stock my favorite olive oil, Olio Verde, which Gelson’s stopped carrying,

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Do it after their auto-reset on Nov 6.

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What’s an “auto-reset”?

A re-assessment of the initial operations (pre-planned by Eataly’s management) after opening to the public for a few days.


thats a brilliant idea.

I think Killer Noodles is having a forced reset :wink:


It’s still cazzo affollato