Eclectic American - Brunch & Dinner at Norah - Review + Pics



The collagen noodle looks delicious.

Very eclectic menu indeed.

reminds me of alimento. thanks for the report.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

It does look similar. :slight_smile: what else do you recommend to order? Thanks!

Gold Medal Report - can’t wait to try it!
Thanks @Chowseeker1999

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Had a different experience there. If things have improved, glad to hear it as the space is really beautiful.

Thanks @CiaoBob! :slight_smile: can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

@tailbacku, thanks for the report. Sounds like the kitchen has improved? From your Feb visit, none of the dishes you had are on the menu anymore, except the duck liver mousse.

Not all our dishes were great, but there were more hits than misses in our 3 visits.

i really like the pig in a blanket, yellowtail collar, radiatori, fusilli and gnocchi and of course that chicken liver. i actually haven’t had a bad pasta dish there.

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Wow, they all look great, but that pig in a blanket looks out of control! :slight_smile: Thanks.

I’m not sure why alimento is so underrated, i think they make some of the best pasta in the city.

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We had reservations for last night, but a water main breakage caused dinner cancellation. Wah. We headed out to The Wallace in Culver City and were very pleased, but definitely must go to Norah after this review and photos!

Glad you decided to see for yourself @Chowseeker1999. If not, we wouldn’t have this great report. Looks like Norah has greatly improved since @tailbacku’s experience.

The space looks terrific, food seems very inventive without being overdone, great plating, and those drinks :kissing_smiling_eyes:. Just about everything seems wonderful. But I particularly love my scrambled eggs that way, and prefer crostini to pasta or rice… So Hello to the Uni Butter Poached Shrimp!

The flavorful descriptions are fantastic as usual. And your tips and observations are always helpful.

CiaoBob is right. It’s a gold medal report.

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Going tonight.

Looking forward to your report!

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