Edible flowers, blossoms, etc in LA?

I was counting on ordering edible flowers/blossoms from Scarborough Farms, but no one seems to answer their phone or emails as I’ve been trying every day for the last week.

I know some markets like Whole foods sells a small container of them, but they’re usually just geraniums or marigolds…I’m looking for Borage, cornflower, etc.

Does anyone have any intel on other sources for getting them?

Much appreciated!

Call Pizzeria Sei and ask where they got the ones in their gairdiniera?

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For that kind of stuff you are going to have to go through a purveyor. Someone might let you do will call like nature’s produce. But you may end up with more than you need

Restaurant Depot has some but not anything like borage flowers. They occasionally have corn shoots but not reliably

In store Ehewhon has the best selection of micros but I’ve never seen borage flowers

You can also ask Fresh Origins directly, they are based in San Marcos -north County SD maybe they can point you in the right direction


Maybe ask Sasha Piligian from May Microbakery where she gets the flowers for her cakes:


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I messaged her, emailed fresh origins, and will be calling Sei. Thank you for the tips!
With so many restaurants serving items with borage/cornflower/nastartium/etc, you would think there would be a place that is easy to find on google…

If anyone knows a place or has more tips please let me know. I appreciate all you FTC’ers!


Mexican markets may have squash blossoms

Other than looking pretty, do edible flowers add any flavor to a dish? I never thought they did.

Girl and Dug includes some very nice edible flowers in a few of their boxes but they do not sell the edible flowers a la carte. Maybe if you call and ask they would sell individually or give you some leads?

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absolutely! borage for instance tastes a little sweet and a bit like cucumber

Some of the restaurants I know that regularly feature edible flowers have farmers market vendors they visit regularly, grow them themselves, or have friends grow them.

I have a friend who grows microgreens (mostly cilantro, I think) but is considering branching out (aiming for mushrooms, I believe). Let me ask them what the situation looks like for flowers.

Wasabi blooms pack quite a punch.



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Won’t help you now, but every spring time around now I buy several packs of pansies of all different colors, plant them in my planter and you have endless supply of edible flowers. The more you pick the more flower grows.

I like Mcgrath for Arugula, cilantro, flowers. Really good stuff

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There’s a vendor that comes to the Cerritos and Long Beach Farmer’s Markets (Saturday and Sunday) that has herbs, greens, vegetables and plenty of flowers each weekend. I’ve been going to them almost weekly for my pizza experimentations. Can’t remember the name, though…sorry!

If you walk the Santa Monica Farmers market you will see multiple vendors that have them. They can be orederd in advance from Coleman Farms, amongst others.

Mcgrath’s website doesn’t list any of the blossoms/edible flowers, any way to get in contact with them other than instagram?

You may want to check with Edible Gardens LA. Saw some edible flowers included in their produce box as well as a picture of borage from a few weeks ago on their instagram feed:

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OH! Also check out @thehungrygardens on instagram. They’re a small operation based in the valley and were recommended by a (former) chef friend who speaks highly of them and their specialty/heirloom produce. (What’s been shared with me has been excellent).

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