Egg Rolls in Los Angeles

Obviously Golden Deli and Brodard but what’s great in LA proper?

Types? Like viet, Filipino, Chinese dim sum style, or American Chinese nyc style?

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I’m open. Whatever tastes good I’m in for. Just gimme some house-made crunch.

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great question! I guess that’s a different thread but jack in the box egg rolls are a guilty pleasure


Agreed. They used to be so much better. They’ve shrunk over the years, but still shockingly top 5 closest thing to an east coast egg roll in this egg roll wasteland.

Ok, actually I found ONE place that kind of comes close to a NY Egg roll, though not a fan of anything else.

Emperor Express on Burbank Blvd at Fulton.

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Shanghai lumpia is my favorite type of egg roll, hands down. There used to be place that made it really well that closed, I think it was on Winnetka. We used to get a giant tray for $20. All the places I’ve had it at recently are usually pretty decent, but it’s not the same.

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My Filipino friend gets those from here:

Manila Sunset
9516 Sepulveda Blvd
North Hills, CA 91343

Pho so 1 does a decent job

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That’s where I get them now as well. They’re pretty good, but not as good as the place I went to or the ones I’ve had made by someone’s grandma.

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Grandmas make everything better.


Pho 999 has the stereotypical but delicious VN style egg rolls I grew up with.

Hanoi Corner for the Hanoi style Crab Egg Rolls

Honestly I am happy with any of those “To-Go” hole in the wall places that can fry up a party platter for you. They are all over Little Saigon. The only thing is you gotta get your own lettuce/daikon-carrot

I say this as a proud Chinese-American but Vietnamese make the best egg rolls lol


I agree

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viet huong in el monte makes an awfully good cha gio. plus they’ve got what i believe is the only menu that comes in english, vietnamese and spanish. and if you don’t want to get a banh mi at banh mi my tho, try their cha gio.

Imperial rolls at Little Sister/LSXO are excellent.

Can we include flautas? :slight_smile:

Bahn Mi Che Cali, Capital Seafood and Sea Harbour for me.


This style of egg rolls were popular in the 1970s and 1980s in LA Chinatown. Lucky Deli was one of the places that sold these. I remember having them as a kid.

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Genghis Cohen has NY style eggrolls. You may not like their food but their eggroll comes closer to what I believe is a NY style than anything else out here. Cabbage, pork, shrimp, and maybe a very small amount of carrot. Too much carrot ruins a lot things, at least for me.

Second if Wacky Wok in Westchester. The pebbly skin crunch is there and the thing tastes good but for some reason, they are just filled with cabbage and carrots. But even though I said what I said about carrots, I can enjoy their eggroll.

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