Egg rolls - nyc - mr. tasters egg rolls

made mr. tasters egg rolls last night. anyone have a good molasses based sauce I can eat them with?
S/O doesn’t want sugar. don’t ask.

Why does S/O need to know? The amount of sugar in honey and molasses is probably like eating sugar straight :slight_smile:

Just sub honey or molasses for the brown sugar it’s only 1/3 cup anyway…


Well… I make both apricot and plum jams, using an unrefined sugar - and they are surprisingly nice with egg rolls…


This worked great!


My mother used to make a homemade dipping sauce for eggrolls that used peach/apricot jam, rice wine vinegar, a bit of soy, and fresh grated ginger.


ElsieDee -

That sounds fantastic!

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It was! My guess is, knowing my mother, the recipe would have come from a Sunset magazine - or did Sunset ever put out cookbooks? I have a vague memory of a Chinese food cookbook from Sunset on her shelf - whatever the origin, it was so much tastier than the violently pink glop that many associate with sweet and sour sauce.

Sunset did put out cookbooks. Maybe they still do - don’t know!

I do now that I have an old “Five ingredients or less” cookbook from sunset and? It’s awesome!

Next up? Your mom’s sauce sounds so good, I’m gong to see if I can find it online, somehow :crossed_fingers:

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I really like the sounds of that a lot. I’m not into sweet so this sounds like that’s not the main flavor.

And, yes, Sunset put (puts?) out a cookbook every year of all their recipes.

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S/O knows ALL!

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I remember she heated it on the stove; there’s a good chance she used homemade peach or apricot marmalade instead of jam. I recall it being a bit spicy/warm from the ginger - sweet, but not cloying.

It really was a mild sweetness - didn’t coat the mouth with sugar; multidimensional flavors that were “exotic” to a young me.


Then obviously you’re the S/O.


Stumbled across this recipe for sweet and sour sauce that looks promising (if behind a payroll, let me know and I’ll paraphrase - uses sugar and cider vinegar):