Eggplant parm. Forgive the peppers

I only like it if it’s quickly fried, non-greasy eggplant with a dollop of light, tangy tomato sauce and some julienned basil. No cheese, please.

I like the cheese . No peppers please . Made a batch about a week ago . Dipped in flour then egg with no bread crumbs . Then fried in oo . Next time I won’t even bother with the egg and flour . It was very good .

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That’s cool. but no, it needs to be cheesy for me

I guess I don’t really like eggplant parm, cuz what I’m describing is fried eggplant with tomatoes sauce, which isn’t the same thing, is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i guess not… still good though… our people just do fried eggplant topped with eggplant and a bit of mayo with parsley… i’ll take eggplant in any form, though my favorite is our stuffed ones like


Gorgeous! I like your people.

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