Electric/Propane flat top grill

I’m looking for a good 2 burner flat top to make these type of items. Would like this to be outside and use either electric or propane.

  • pancakes, bacon and eggs
  • smash burgers
  • teppanyaki
  • taco meat type stuff

Anybody have one they recommend?

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Have you looked at The Home Depot? I could swear I’ve seen that there…cause I’d love one also.

There are a lot of options at HD, Target, Sams Club, etc… but would like an FTC opinion. It seems like you can get one in the $200-$300 range. This was the one we wanted bc we have a nice table that we use for the Ooni. But this grill only hooks up to a small camping propane tank.

Not just for cooking but I will frequently google a product and include the word “reviews.”

By “grill” you mean griddle? Something like these, where you can control the heat independently for each side?

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While I don’t have one, I talked to a few friends and they have rather liked their experience with the Blackstone products.


I don’t have any direct experience either but have been considering an outdoor griddle as a complement to my pellet grill (for searing). Looking at the BBQ forums, it looks like Camp Chef and Blackstone are the most popular choices. Here’s a recent thread from one that discusses the differences between the two - there are several of them. I think based on this, if I purchase one, I’ll probably go with Camp Chef, but they both seem to be great choices.


I’m looking at a 22” griddle. My biggest concern was that it only supported a 1lb camping propane tank. They sell a converter which allows you to hook up to a 20lb propane tank. As of now this is my likely buy but going to do more homework on Camp Chef before committing.

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also a common recommendation among smashburger enthusiasts

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The Camp Chef looks sturdier but the cost is about 2x. The big complaint seems like the hole for oil draining is very small.

Blackstone has some complaints about the warped surface and you need to buy the $20 converter to use the 20lb propane tanks.

I think my cheap self is going to stick with my initial thought and go Blackstone.

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For some reason I thought they were comparable in price - I didn’t appreciate that one was 2x! Please let us know how the Blackstone works out - might convince me to get one too.


I bought a Camp Chef setup years ago when I was still doing Y Guides with my son. The versatility is great. Use as a regular camp stove, or put the flattop (sold separately) on for griddling. Very sturdy. Yes, the drain hole is a little small, but that’s easily remedied with a power drill.


I do a lot of camping and festival cooking off grid and am very happy with the Camp Chef 3x I purchased from Costco. Definitely the best deal if you’re looking for a serious portable stove to cook for a lot of people.
I did have to purchase the griddles separately and they are very heavy. The burners put out wok level heat so I’d recommend getting a flame spreader to temper it a bit for regular pots and pans. It’s great if you want to boil large amounts of liquid for seafood boils or beer making.
Did 80 smashburgers in 1 hour for an event recently and thought it worked very well.
They can be found at Costco for $199 and usually on sale for $165 towards the end of the season.

I’ve heard nothing, but good things about Blackstones too. Not as versatile or portable, but very solid. I believe they heat a lot more evenly, too. I think the Camp Chef equivalent of flat top only models are very similar.
I see them pop up on OfferUp as well if you’re looking for a bargain.

Happy Cooking!


I ended up with the Blackstone. Seasoned a bunch of times and cooked smash burgers tonight. Doubles with grilled onions on kings Hawaiian rolls. Forgot to take pics but everybody loved them. Griddle gets very hot. Excellent crust. Trying to figure out what else we can cook the rest of the week.


How does the price compare to this Wayfair ones?

Fajitas night?
Breakfast for dinner?


Both of these ideas came up. I love breakfast for dinner too.
Fried rice
Cheese crusted tacos and quesadillas
Pork chops


The model I bought at Home Depot was the same price on Wayfair but I picked it up there so no shipping fees.

Thanks. BTW they have free shipping over $35.

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Been using the griddle often. This was taco night. Loved getting a nice sear on the meats and how quickly you can cook 2+ lbs of meat. I’m still getting familiar with the temperature and hot spots. This was my first time cooking anything with a marinade. The quesadillas came out great.