Emergency reco needed - Indian

Buffet in Artesia for tomorrow early lunch.

I know I can count on you

Tx <3

I really like Ashoka the Great. Their food offers nice kick of spice that most of the other places in the neighborhood do not. The India Restaurant further up north on Pioneer is also good.

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Second @attran99 on The India Restaurant – corner of Pioneer and Ashworth. I’ve been there for dinner, and both my parents (more mild palate) and I (more ethnic palate) thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I’ve also gotten some takeout and enjoyed it, too. The buffets, though, I don’t have any experience with, but I know it’s served from 11am-3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The India Restaurant
17824 Pioneer Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 860-5621

Thanks! The India it is


Lamb is killer

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Oh damn



So I take it the buffet was good? How much is it per person?? They don’t list that price on their website…

It was great for me. Fresh, not overly oily, bright flavors, spice level just right, very various curries… 4 desserts

I dont know how much but bill was 32 before tip for 3 people 1 of which is a kid which i think is half price. so less than what i’m used to at mayura

I think it runs about $12-14 per person. That’s about the standard rate for Indian buffets in the area.
My coworkers and I have been trying to run through the neighborhood buffets. India is pretty consistent. Ashoka is heavy-handed with spices. Wok N’ Tandoor is a mix of Indian and Chinese food…interesting only if you’re in the mood for eclectic. There’s also a Himalayan place further north close to the 91 that we’ve been meaning to try.

Considering this is our first time finally making it out to Pioneer ave in 15 years I don’t really have high hopes of trying them all. Likely to return to this sure thing in a year or so