Ensenada restaurants


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Trompo porn

Rosarito el Yaqui (way better without an hour wait)

Best things I ate were ceviche mixto from Muelle3, everything from dona esthela, especially those chilaquiles, tacos de adobada from El Flamazo and Birria de res and Chivo from Guadalajara. El Yaqui in Rosarito was also really good, much better than the first time I ate here, for their version of a Perron (taco with cheese, beans and Asada).


OMG! Drool!

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Didn’t try Dona Esthela’s signature corn pancakes? No, Restaurante Sabina for ceviche and seafood tostadas?


@LAFoodiePanda We got the corn hot cakes at dona esthela. I didn’t get to try them because my family got to them first but I loved the chilaquiles and the queso fresco.

We did eat at Sabina. Got shrimp, octopus and fish tacos and some seafood tostadas:

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Thinking about hopping on a booze cruise down to Ensenada. Going to have to bookmark these for an after zip lining adventure. Thanks for sharing!

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I did that for my 40th. 8 years ago. I think I’m still hungover. Be prepared for a frat party atmosphere on the boat, and you’ll have fun. Not sure if any line but Carnival even does the trip.

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We’ve done the jaunt twice…it’s a great and cheap way to have some fun and relax without kids. My eyes and ears still can’t forget some of the things they’ve seen and heard. I definitely needed a detox afterwards, and you’re right @OCSteve, Carnival is the only game left in LA doing this itinerary.

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@attran99, we went zip lining too, albeit one suitable for kids, really fun place that had a wave pool and lots of other stuff to do also.

We saw Carnival, Disney and possibly grand princess in Ensenada port but don’t know where they all start off.

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We usually hit the zip lines at Las Cañadas. It’s both an obstacle/ropes course and zip line at the same time…it’s something we try to hit every time we’re in port.
Carnival is the only ship that leaves out of the LAOC area now. Disney and Princess ships originate out of San Diego.


Yes, Las Cañadas is where we go too! Great place! They have a newish Mariscos cart—don’t recommend. They also have a water slide next to the zip line/rope course that was very fun (even without the kids).

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This is a must on those trips. That ain’t no Disney cruise.

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Ours are getting older. We may take them on this next year. However, my opinion may change after this trip.