Eric Greenspan's New Jewish Deli Fleishik’s Opens This Week!


Menu sounds pretty good. Salami sandwich sold me.


Yes! And it’s all kosher too…


So excited about this. The revival of the Jewish deli is what we need! If the modern concept is what it takes, then okay, I’m on board. Let’s hope it’s good! :crossed_fingers:t3:



S[quote=“TheCookie, post:4, topic:5271”]
The revival of the Jewish deli is

is not complete until someone finally figures out how to make a real Jewish rye.


You mean like Langers?

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Good eye. I just noticed rye isn’t on the list of bread choices :confused:. That’s curious.

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The “whole mess” is hilarious and brilliant @$15. The lack of rye is wtf though.

Possibly something lost in cultural translation because that menu does nothing for me.

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Bea’s out in Tarzana has great rye. They are a Jewish bakery, they usually have 4-6 types of rye/pumpernickel but the corn rye is the one to get. Some how or another their rye was tied to Langer’s (can’t remember the story). Most consider Langer’s rye bread to be so good that it’s the tie-breaker for “world’s” greatest pastrami sandwich. Bea’s rye is at that level.

Bea’s Black & White cookie is excellent as well. I know schlepping out to Tarzana is a bear - Bob’s on Ocean Park feels you. They’re one of the last neighborhood grocery stores that is still working it through smart inventory management and local neighborly love. Bob’s is so kind (and so smart) to carry some of Bea’s baked goods - yes, including the corn rye and the B&W. Go to the service deli, look on top of the counter. It’s a verklempt moment either way - you’re either going score a loaf of some of the best Jewish rye on the planet, or you’ve been out-muscled by the little fiercely tenacious bubby for that last loaf.


In the hood… going to have to try even though EG… maybe i’ll like his casual places more

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Have you ever been to Fred’s Bakery on Robertson in Beverlywood? That’s where Langer’s gets their rye.

Love Bea’s- when I lived in LA it was a regular stop for me.

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Good to know. I live close to that 'hood.

That’s the one near Hamilton High, right? No I haven’t. I’ve driven by there for decades! So Fred’s provides Langer’s with their rye? I could swear Bea’s did at one time as well or is somehow connected to Langer’s rye as well. Thank you for the tip - I WILL stop by the next time I’m on Robertson.

Bea’s might have at one point.

Also, open Sunday mornings :blush:

right–WTF no rye???

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I’m Jewish and this menu does nothing for me. I’m not liking the spreads or the ingredient combos. I would prefer simple, high-quality ingredients on good bread----no need to screw things up with too much stuff on top. The entire bread situation is just wrong. Nobody should have this on white, wheat or gluten-free. Challah is fine, rye would be excellent (or pumpernickel) or a deli roll (kaiser) or even an onion roll.

edit: and looking closer----no chopped liver or a kosher hotdog!!! no bagels? corned beef? oy


No rye is a deal- killer for me.


I agree about the general lack of authenticity, but I almost want to go, just to check out the gribenes. Haven’t had those since I was a kid. But yeah, rye bread is kind of a must.


Hi @LAgirl -

Double oy! I was trying to be polite. You nailed it. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when wishing for the Jewish deli revival. Greenspan is a concept guy and was probably compelled to label it. I don’t mind modern concept. But he’s stretching. This doesn’t exactly resemble what I envisioned.

[quote=“LAgirl, post:17, topic:5271”]
Nobody should have this on white, wheat or gluten-free. Challah is fine, rye would be excellent (or pumpernickel)
[/quote]Right on! The bread situation reminds me of Annie Hall.

With that said, I live close and am still going to try them :blush:. There are a few things that look appealing… and I do love me some schnitzel. Maybe I will forget the Jewish deli expectations and eat with an open mind, so to speak. How about we look at it as a sandwich shop with a few Jewish & Israeli touches? :relaxed:

Happy Jewish deli hunting!

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