Esan Classic - Lers Ros spinoff in SF

I’d heard nothing about this place, found it on Yelp because I was looking for someplace open after 11 pm. When I walked in a little after 11 I thought the place was closed since there were no customers, but the one employee on the floor said they were open.


turmeric sausage ($10.95), spicy and juicy.


chile sauce, I presume housemade, excellent


chicken innards with basil ($13.95), excellent


stir-fried morning glory ($10.95) aka kangkung, excellent

Rice was $3 extra. Draink a nice Albariño ($8 / glass). Best Thai meal I’ve had in SF maybe ever. Reasonable prices considering the quality, but maybe the place is too hip for the room.


Were you eating alone?

Just me. I took half the chicken and kangkun home.

Hi @robert,

Sounds delicious. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: Although $3 for a bowl of rice (white rice?) sounds a bit pricey.

I just looked at those photos again…drooling :slight_smile:

Brown or sticky rice is $3, white jasmine rice is $2. I think it was a covered bowl with multiple servings.

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Hi @robert,

Ah, OK! A large order of rice, that makes more sense. Thanks.

I think with the high percentage of carb-averse diners these days it makes sense to charge for rice and bread, especially when they serve quality stuff.




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