Escala - Koreatown




Korean-Colombian fusion


Was it tasty?

Looks like you got empanada and the bandeja plate?

Reminds me I need to also hit up La Fonda Antiquena on Melrose x Wilton, which I think is the only other Colombian place in LA.

It was good. I wouldn’t go out of my way but it was a nice fallback after Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong tried to seat me at a table that hadn’t been cleared. The valets recommended it. Super-nice staff.

Arepas? I don’t remember seeing those on their menu (my last visit to Escala was over a year ago). It might be time for me to head back over there to check those out----Although aren’t arepas Venezuelan? or do they also make them in Columbia?

Different arepas but they make them in both countries. They weren’t my favorite part of the meal.

Yeah, this is a nice little spot. The Korean fusion aspect is nice. The bandeja platter is quite tasty! I wish you could add some morcilla to it outside of ordering the plate of morcilla with apples and whatnot.

The one issue is that you need to sit outside, as they purposefully play extremely loud music inside.

I wonder how the beef ribs are?

bummer. I was excited to see arepas on the menu and was hoping they have a good version. I guess I’ll have to stick to the pupusas around here instead.

The arepa on the bandeja was plain. The pork one might be a better way to try it.