ESGV Updates (Rowland Hts., Hacienda Hts., etc.)

That’s a great rule of thumb, though what always catches me out is the tentacle of City of Industry that takes in part of the northern side of Colima, and the part of the south side of Gale that is in Rowland Heights :laughing:

that is a given. very rare to see any tables without both dishes.
we supplement with ong choy, fried potstickers and sometimes jja jang mein.
we are not ordering the jjam ppong anymore after the last 2 times

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the trick is to go in groups of two so you don’t need to order anything beyond the chicken and the pancake.

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breadfish cafe deserves a plug IMO.

chicken or pork chop rice

pork belly rice w/egg, sausages, pork belly bun maybe a little overkill


Lanzhou Noodle House in Walnut, just opened up. They have a steamed thick noodle that no other Lanzhou place has.

Even in this cold kids are still lining up for Tiger Sugar! Perhaps the most popular drink shop now in SGV. Maybe I’ll try it…of all the delicious things from Taichung, Taiwan we get this, yay, I much prefer oyster porridge that my parents have been raving about

Fans of Supreme Dragon you will now have to go to Alhambra (near Flavor Garden, You Kitchen,101 Noodle Express). For Taiwanese-American kids in the SGV this is a little nostalgic. I used to basically dump the whole tableside jar of pickled veg into my beef noodle soup lol

Our blue face mod name dropped Nanjing Salted Duck. Not a update but maybe a reminder…I think there is only one other Nanjing place in SGV. The XLB’s looks pretty damn good. I’ll have to make it out here soon. Let the Instagram “foodies” go get cheeseburger baozi at that XLB Bar. I am taking my ass over here.


The rise of Lanzhou la mian places seemed to come out of nowhere. For years, there was just Malan, then China Tasty opened. A year later Northern Cafe MPK joined. Since China Tasty closed, there are 4-5 places that have opened featuring la mian.

Yup Arcadia has 2 new places…Lan and 1919 Lanzhou.

Yikes! That means 1987 Beedle House is gone.

Never got to try those beef noodles at Beedle! Damn it

isn’t there also a branch in temple city on rosemead?

I had to look that up. Yes there is right across from the floating teapot

that one’s a bit closer for me.

Mama Lu’s has opened up in the City of Industry. They have taken over the abandoned Seafood Palace location on Colima Road.


Wow that is a very large space for a Mama Lu’s damn

Hui Lau Shan (HK dessert shop…errrr formerly HK) serving all your mango cravings at Diamond Plaza

Blackball is gone btw.

I think Meet Fresh’s business might be better than Blackball. Pre Covid, the Meet Fresh was always pretty packed

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Blackball was dead preCOVID so it doesn’t surprise me.

I don’t know how much interest there is in restaurants in this area but thought I’d mention a takeout my family had recently from the area at a Taiwanese restaurant called Eat Joy Food (that’s the name per Yelp since I don’t know the actual Chinese name). I don’t think there’s been a post on this one before.

Pearl Plaza is a newer construction and the times I’ve been has always seemed empty. For those who have been to the Row DTLA it’s a bit like that but less grand an undertaking and in Rowland Heights. Eat Joy Food is a more recent addition to the plaza, which I believe took over the space of another restaurant late last year.

Pre-pandemic, the restaurant was a no-tip restaurant focusing on Taiwanese-style dishes. Cost of dishes included service. They seemed focused on using high quality ingredients cooked with care and skill based on remarks from a lunch I had with family. I remember my parents remarking on some innards/liver/blood thing that was cooked very well and much better than other places they’d had. They also seem to cook… cleaner food? Like not as much oil and so on as your typical Chinese restaurant food. Not sure how to put it better. Interestingly enough (not sure how common this is at Taiwanese restaurants), they seemed to serve Japanese sake as I saw boxes for Kubota and Born I think. A little bit more upscale in food and ambiance for the area but still fairly relaxed in atmosphere being a bit more tucked away due to its location. Also good service if I remember right (this recollection is many many months old now).

At some point, they re-opened during the pandemic, as a grocery serving higher end Asian ingredients and selling different levels of family-style takeout meals. I think the cheapest was $40ish, which we had today, and included enough food for 4 plus significant leftovers. I think there was supposed to be a set in the 60s and one around 80, with the more expensive sets including more luxurious ingredients like fish. Apparently the set meals are rotating, though I don’t remember if it was daily or weekly.

Sadly not sure where the menu is posted outside of Wechat. Might be worth a look or call if you’re heading to or in that neighborhood, especially if you’re interested in high quality Chinese food that’s on the lighter side for oil, etc. Sorry about lack of pictures and any vagueness as I didn’t actually intend to make a post until I saw this thread come up. Yelp has a couple reviews on this place’s takeout which I glanced at while writing this up.

I don’t typically post about Chinese food much but thought I’d try putting one out there for this place as they do good stuff and it would be a shame to lose them. In that plaza’s massive courtyard they also apparently have the best outdoor dining. While I haven’t been for patio dining, apparently there’s is one of the very few that always has shade due to the positioning of their space in relation to complex overhangs and walkthrough areas, etc.


At least for the WSGV, Blackball in San Gabriel was packed early on…and then Meet Fresh opened up in Temple City.