Espresso Machine Maintenance

I’ve had the Gaggia Classic for 5 years. I replaced the gasket and seal a few years back. I back flush 1-2 times per year. I know I should be doing it more often but I get lazy.

I just took apart the gasket and noticed a lot of build up on this doohickey part. Soaked it in cafiza for half hour but couldn’t get most of the gunk off. Anybody with knowledge on espresso machines have any advice on whether this is normal wear and tear or if I need to replace or soak overnight? Appreciate any feedback.

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You might ask on

We use the Full Circle Coffee cleaning products for our grinders (one for drip, one for espresso) and on our Rancilio and Moccamaster, all which we use daily. I get them from Seattle Coffee Gear.

I’ve been back flushing once every 4-6 months using Cafiza. Is the descaling necessary if we have a water softener and a filter?

I think I ended up buying the full circle descaling powder but never used it.

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That I don’t know. Can’t hurt, though, can it?

No I’m just lazy.

I hear you. Suffer from the same malady…