Evan Funke Takes Over Former Joe's on Abbot Kinney

Should be up and running by summer, according to Funke…


damn it, the westside gets all the good stuff.

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I am so excited to see this! I was sure we were going to get yet another vegan cafe / juice bar.

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What wonderful news! :slight_smile: Funke’s pizza + pasta + bread sounds like a great meal to me.


You guys can thank me for this. I saw him in Cofax Coffee hours before his recent porchetta pop-up and said, “Hi Evan, I like your pasta,” and he said, “Thanks. I appreciate that.” I imagine that interaction is what spurned him on to getting back into the restaurant business.


is he going to ban photos at this place too?

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I was hoping for Tobias Funke but hey, this is almost as good, right?


@President_Mochi for Presiden–wait…


so basically, visit within the first 4 months before he disappears into the abyss, again?


I thought he was there for more than 4 months… wasn’t he? :frowning:

Hope the porchetta sammie makes it way onto the menu.

Submit a request with President Mochi - he’s got the power.


“Dine with me if you want to live.”
-The Mochinator


Whatever happened with this? Has anyone walked by the location lately? The Google is silent.

Per http://la.eater.com/2016/12/6/13857870/anticipated-winter-restaurant-openings-los-angeles-2017 it will open in late Jan.

I walked by to check it out a week or so ago and it looked like they were still gutting the inside

They’re also building out. Looks like the patio has been enclosed

Thanks. Sounds like the Baco Mercat situation in downtown Culver City.

Not true, not true at all! I feel like I need to drive east for all the good food!

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