Everson Royce Bar - DTLA

Anyone been? Was just invited out for birthday food/drinks by a few of my friends.

It’s a wine store with a tasting area/bar. Haven’t been to the bar, but the wine store is great and the space is nice.

To be clear I’m talking about their new outlet in DTLA. I’ll amend the original post to reflect this.

I went last week intending to eat a late-night dinner, but didn’t end up eating anything. I think it would be diplomatic to say that they’re still working out some service-related kinks. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re new, but it was a frustrating experience.

It took them forever to procure our drinks despite the fact that the place was not crowded, and our servers didn’t know much about the menu, and then disappeared for very long stretches - stretches in which we would have ordered food. While we were sitting there waiting for our drinks we decided that we would eat somewhere else instead.

My cocktail was good, the patio was nice, and the menu looked interesting enough, so I plan on going back, but definitely not anytime soon. At least we ended up eating at El Flamin’ in Echo Park, which has my favorite al pastor in the vicinity.