Experience Alert: Kiriko Has Tokishirazu Right Now

Tokishirazu refer specifically to young chum salmon which accidentally get lost and as a result get caught up “out of season” along with other fish from the cold and fast waters of Hokkaido around May/June. Because it is sexually immature (and also partly due to survival needs in colder waters), tokishirazu retains a much higher amount of fat (10-30%) than the usual adult salmon (usually <10% fat).

Translation: This stuff is absolutely delicious. Rich like o-toro, but totally different in feel and flavor - Probably the best salmon you’ve ever had. And those of you who eat at Kiriko regularly are already aware that Ken-san and his crew know their salmon and do it right.

Kiriko has one or two of these tokishirazu right now. That is all. Onegashimasu.


Yes, saw it on their Facebook. May have to pay them a lunchtime visit tomorrow unless Guerrilla Tacos’ menu convinces me otherwise. Any idea on pricing?

Dunno what the okonomi pricing on that is… I received this little piece of heaven as part of my omakase.

suddenly, my whole life becomes clear…

tokishirazu, formerly known as linus


Thanks to @J_L, I had to visit Kiriko again and try this rare experience. :slight_smile:

Spinach & 6 Mushroom Salad:

This was fantastic! Six different types of Mushrooms (sauteed in a Soy-based dressing) are then added on a bed of Spinach. The umami factor is high, and it’s just a nice Salad to start the meal. :slight_smile:

Rock Cod:

I had no idea Rock Cod could be served as Sushi, but hey I trust the itamae, LOL. The Rock Cod itself was a bit fishy (not like Mackerel). The texture was fine, but the ocean funk was high.

Aji (Spanish Mackerel):

Much better. Good tenderness, nice Ponzu, fresh.

Seared Tai:

This was disappointingly chewy and rubbery. :frowning:

Shisito and Eggplant Miso:

Fantastic dish. I really like Nasu and Shishito Peppers just as delectable. :slight_smile: The Miso was lightly sweet and added an umami angle.

Seared Toro:

Felt overdone. I really prefer my Toro (all types) pure and un-blowtorched. It was fine, but not standout.


But thankfully the reason I showed up, showed up, LOL. :slight_smile: At first glance, I thought it was just regular Salmon and was disappointed.

Then I took a bite and WOW! @J_L was right! :slight_smile: This is SO GOOD! There’s this luscious, delicious mouthfeel, that’s not like Toro.

It was really, really awesome! I wish I could eat this every time I went out for Sushi. :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to @J_L for this rare experience!