Fake guacamole

Javier Cabral and LA taco with an explosive piece on faux guacamoleFaux guacamole

Btw la taco is a great independent site that deserves support.


But if you can’t really tell the difference (as the author admits), does it matter?


Guacamole is not watery. In its classic form it’s just ripe avocado mashed with a little salt and lime juice.

I can see how it might be hard to tell the difference between salsa calabacita and salsa aguacate, since the delicate flavor of avocado is overpowered by tomatillo, ciliantro, chiles, and garlic.

I always wondered how stands that switch from limes to lemon every spring still have salsa aguacate. Even stretched out with other ingredients it’s gotta be expensive but you usually see it plunked down with other garnishes for self serving.

Are they labeling it or calling it salsa aguacate, or are people just assuming?

If they’re not charging you for it, it’s not guacamole.

I’m definitely making an assumption when it’s not labeled but I guess it’s based off the presence of visually identical salsas at places that DO label it. Either way, I don’t usually go for that particular garnish but I certainly don’t blame them for switching if people don’t even really notice the difference