Falafel and Other Middle Eastern Foods in Pasadena?

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I’m somewhat reassessing my initial feelings today. I think I’d be willing to try Falafel Arax again: the taste of the hummus is growing on me (though today I taste more salt then intense lemon) and I do like the mutabbal/babaganoush.

As for the falafel? They’re definitely oil-laden and I do think that’s a matter of the oil not being hot enough. However, the filling is tasty (if a bit salty) and they’re not as densely packed as some other falafel I’ve had.

The prices were very low (the cake we bought, along with two brownies, was more than the dinner - and we’ve leftovers that will last for two more nights!), service was excellent, and the restaurant was clean.

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there’s a Falafel Arax in Pasadena, like affiliated with the one on santa monica blvoul in hollywood

Where in Pasadena, @Funtimes? I can’t find it online.


interesting, it’s in glendale, the otro location

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It’s the garlic albacore sashimi salad from Yuko Kitchen, which was vaguely on my way home. I like that salad, but the caveat is that the sashimi is not on par with the fish that you’d get at a nice sushi restaurant. Also I wish they used better lettuce, and sometimes the garlic chips are on the burnt side. That said, it’s a nice, refreshing salad from a cozy neighborhood restaurant.

I went to the Miracle Mile location:
5484 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

They also have a DTLA location:
101 West 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

likey 1/2 the price of nice sushi place ?

It’s $12 at Yuko Kitchen, so not cheap-cheap, but affordable.

the dumplings come about 50 a pan

with a tangy yogurt sauce on the side

sarkes the son is usually the one at the cashier.


Falafel Arax, also has rotisserie chicken.
Got the 1/2 chicken plate. Breast meat a little dry. Dark meat nice and juicy. Crispy skin. Also got two decent falafel.


I did not remember what you recommended. Went here for lunch today. The place was packed from 12 o 12:30. There were no less than 7 people waiting in line and up to 15 when I left.

Ordered the chicken schwarma plate. The hummus and rice was great. The chicken was just ok. A little dry and no crunchy pieces. There is so much volume during lunch that they are pre-making plates and cutting the chicken ahead of time. I think the beef kebob would be better but not if they are making plates ahead of time like they were with the chicken schwarma.

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How did it compare with Zankoo?

Two totally different beasts.

Zankou is for roti chicken and garlic sauce.

Med Cafe has more to offer - schwarma, kebobs, falafel, dips, salads, etc… I know Zankou also has tarna and falafel. The falafel at Zankou borders on unedible. The next time I go to Med Cafe I think I’ll either get falafel plate or beef kebobs. The hummus at Med Cafe was better than Zankou. I think the pitas are both places are identical. The clear plastic wrapper with the red writing seems familiar.

no, it’s pretty firmly on the unedible side