Family celebration - Super nice place recommendations

Nephew just passed the bar exam, sister wants to go someplace really nice. No Bestia please, we went recently. Where else? Rustic Canyon? Unfortunately, that is the extent of my knowledge. $$$ is not a consideration. prefer downtown, but anywhere is good. Type of food not important either.

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Osteria Mozza
Chi spacca


In downtown

Orsa and Winston. Centeno was opening CDC at Manresa when Fox and a ton of other up and coming chefs worked there. Really cool history.

Shibumi is always nice and Schlosser never holds back. Last time I was there was for the Shojin Ryori, seriously everything is so meticulous.

Can’t go wrong with Broken Spanish

The newcomer M. Georgina from Melissa Perello

Orsa & Winston
Osteria Mozza

Broken Spanish is very casual, great food but not what I would call super nice for a celebration a la Providence, Majordomo, or Osteria Mozza.

I have similar reservations about Chi Spacca, it’s one of my favorite places in LA but it’s a bit crowded and noisy, really all about the food.

Redbird’s dining room might be the prettiest in LA but is the food all that? I’ve only had drinks at the bar.

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Manuela has good food, and each table has lots of space. A great choice for a celebratory dinner, plus you can see art and chickens!

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Oh, maybe:

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Dear johns is awesome but a little throwback and could be deemed basic plus not downtown.

I would recommend majordomo if Bestia is out for downtown!

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Thanks everyone. I sent these to my sister so she could choose.

I just went back to Bavel after some almost a year. It’s just so damn good.
LOUD AF, but once again every dish we had was a knockout.

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This is definitely a go early place! I have a high tolerance for loud and crowded but Bavel pushes that almost to club level. Food and service have always been really good tho