Family-friendly dining near Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Putting together an outing with friends and their kids. We’ll spend some time walking around the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve across the street from Bolsa Chica State Beach. There will be a group of at least 12 adults and about 10 kids. The kids ages run between 3-13…with these kids so long as there’s some form of chicken, burgers, or pizza, we should be okay. The only things I can think of are the chains around the 2nd Street are in Long Beach, Seal Beach, and Huntington Beach. I think it would be wise if we can make dining reservations instead of walking in with such a large group. Does anyone have any ideas?

There’s Fish Camp in Sunset Beach.

And, there’s Bear Flag Fish Company or Lemonade in Pacific City outdoor mall in downtown Huntington Beach.

@joshing Thanks! We’ll pass on Lemonade…I’ve been 3-4 times already, and I’m not really impressed. The rest of the places don’t do reservations. How busy are they for lunch on a Sunday? There are about 20 of us. Hungry kids do not make for a pleasant waiting experience even with electronic distractions.

Baci, or Imola if you want to head sough to HB.

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Give Restauration in LB on 4th Street a try.

Better than average pizza and burgers. The Mary’s Chicken we had was a tad dry, but it might have been a bad day. Most of the dining area is shaded outside.

The chef is Phillip Pretty who was at Fundamental in Westwood.

There’s also Cheko El Rey Del Sarandeado, but that’s much further north off the 710.

I keep hearing about that place, but am a little lost on what makes it worth going to aside from the Fundamental pedigree. Could you go into the details of the food and what sets the pizza and burgers apart?

If you’re talking about Restauration, there’s nothing about it worth going out of your way for.

Now, if you’re in the South Bay area, it’s a very fine restaurant, in the vein, say, of a Badmaash or Officine BRERA – in other words a local gem, but not a destination type of place.

If you happen to swing by, I highly recommend the lamb belly (if not the for pure novelty and rarity factor), as well as the peanut butter semifreddo and carrot cake desserts.

Thanks, @ipsedixit! Excellent and sound options. I like that Imola has a kids’ menu. I hope the group is in the mood for Italian.
Thanks, @chewchow! This is a cool option, but I don’t think my companions want to go any further north than 2nd Street and Naples.

Word. Couldn’t have said it any better. :+1: