Fantastic Japanese Tapas (Izakaya) hits West Hollywood - Aburiya RAKU - pictures

Hi @TheCookie,

Yah, we placed our order like on Monday and he mentioned in a reply he was “really busy with Mother’s Day orders, sorry!” I’m guessing he was swamped. But check your inbox. :slight_smile:

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What’s the Raku bang play these days? I gotta pickup a chirashi and want to make the most of my trip. Debating République but may want to keep that for a separate day.

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A pizza from Jon and vinnys


Antico’s gelato (particularly strawberry if they have it)
Porridge + Puffs

And since traffic is a bit easier at the moment, I’d go into downtown for:
Pearl River Deli
Howlin’ Rays


gem lettuce, spicy fusilli, meatballs and la woman from jon & vinny’s


Hi @Ns1,

Nice! I hope you enjoy your Chirashi from Chef Sugishita. If that’s your only pickup from Raku, you might also consider some highlights from Raku’s regular menu:

  • Kamameshi (Salmon & Ikura (Salmon Roe) Iron Pot Rice): Absolutely delicious! They are now offering this officially on the menu. Not sure how they package it for To-Go, or you can BYORC like we did. :blush:

  • Raku Bento Box: If you’'re OK enjoying this in your 4 Person Dining Room (your car), then get it with the Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken), otherwise, you can try their Steak, Pork Cheek or Sea Bass options.

  • Inari / Chillled Tofu: They also have Side Orders of their Inari (love this), or Housemade Chilled Tofu for a light appetizer.

Otherwise, in the area:

  • Chaumont: Legendary plain Croissant and Almond Croissants! :slight_smile:

  • Republique for sure, but you said you might do it on another day.

  • Loqui (Culver City) - For their amazing Handmade Flour Tortilla Mushroom Taco.

And as @noddles mentioned, traffic is so light these days you can easily get to K-Town, Downtown, etc. quickly. So maybe…

  • Langer’s Deli - Pastrami Sandwich. :slight_smile: Corned Beef & Beef Tongue Sandwich combo. Egg Salad Sandwich. Tuna Melt (so good). Patty Melt (decadent). :slight_smile:

  • Porridge & Puffs

  • Superfine Pizza

  • Guerrilla Tacos

  • Howlin’ Ray’s - I mean, @CiaoBob Inc.'s Far East Plaza Branch. :wink:

  • Wax Paper (Chinatown) - Across the street from @CiaoBob Inc.

Or if you’re heading back West then up North, maybe hit up Gjusta for their Italian Sandwich and some delicious loaves of Bread and other items. :slight_smile:

Or, keep heading south and make a visit of Little Saigon. :smile:



Adding another option: Unagi-don from Toku Unagi.


We ordered the kamameshi for Mother’s Day (along with Chef Sugishita’s chirashis) and came in a plastic bowl-type container. My in-laws reported it as being quite good.


Mozza to go - butterscotch budino and salted peanut butter gelato :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks for the reminder! Their kamameshi sounds like the ultimate comfort food right now, and that’s amazing how they’ll put it in your rice cooker for you.

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Hey y’all, how much food is the chirashi here? It looks big but no uni for scale.

@Chowseeker1999 doesn’t appear inari is on the Togo menu.

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About the size of two shin chirashis


Measurements I can understand.

Hi @Ns1,

It’s there. You just have to ask for it. :slight_smile:

And what @PorkyBelly said for how much food it is. Enjoy!

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Update XX: (To-Go, Part 3)

Another fantastic meal To-Go from Aburiya Raku’s Assistant Chef James Sugishita. :blush:

(Special Order) Bara Chirashi Bento Box:

This week’s Bara Chirashi includes:

Hon-Maguro (Chutoro + Akami-zuke) (Medium Fatty Tuna Belly and Lean Bluefin Tuna Marinated in Soy Sauce); Kinmedai (Splendid Alfonsino) Seared with Binchotan Charcoal; Ni-Anago (Simmered Conger Eel); Kasugodai (Baby Japanese Snappe, Lightly Marinated in Sweet Vinegar); Ikura (Salmon Roe); Kohada (Gizzard Shad); Shiitake-ni (Simmered Shiitake Mushrooms); Seared Hokkaido Scallops; Kuruma Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawns); Atsuyaki Tamago (Japanese Egg Castella); Kyuri Sunomono (Pickled Japanese Cucumbers):

Incredible! :heart: Sugishita-san is definitely getting better and better each week. Having taken @PorkyBelly’s feedback. Chef Sugishita is now doing a flavorful, well-seasoned Rice to go with the Chirashi. :slight_smile:

I loved the Hokkaido Scallops in today’s Chirashi, silky and tender and so, so fresh! :heart: Loved the Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna Belly), and @J_L’s favorite Akami, but for today’s preparation the Kohada (Gizzard Shad) was stunning! So deeply oily (inherently), lovely, and distinct! :heart:

And the Kuruma Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn) was outstanding! :blush: (@PorkyBelly @J_L @JeetKuneBao @TheCookie @attran99 @A5KOBE @Omotesando and others.)

But one thing we were always hoping to try from Chef Sugishita from his time at Hayato working under Chef Go…

(Special Order) Nodoguro Meshi (Blackthroat Sea Perch Iron Pot Rice from Japan):

YES! Chef Sugishita learned how to make his own version of the Meshi (Rice) course from Hayato’s legendary Kaiseki meal during his time working there! :blush: :open_mouth: And he can make it for Special Order!

Just look at how stunning that is, fresh from the Kama (Iron Pot)! :heart:

What Chef Sugishita is preparing for those that have never been to Hayato, is one of Hayato’s highlight courses (the Rice Course) from the beautiful Kaiseki meal. It is the highlight that @PorkyBelly @J_L will tackle with vigor and joy, one of the parts of meal I can’t stop thinking about afterwards. :blush:

And you get to have it in the comfort of your own home! :open_mouth:

Taking a bite:

There’s probably a tiny perceptible difference between Go-san’s OG version and Sugishita-san’s version, but it’s so close. Buttery (no dairy!), luscious, succulent, mouth-watering, STUNNINGLY GREAT! SO GOOD! :heart: :blush: :heart:

The Nodoguro (Blackthroat Sea Pearch) from Japan is in season right now, and prized by so many of our top Sushi Chefs (Maru-san couldn’t stop talking about it during one of our visits 2 years ago). It’s a naturally fattier Fish, the flavor is incredible, so balanced, delicate, but flavorful, there’s an inherent umami factor here.

Do not miss this! (@J_L @PorkyBelly @beefnoguy @A5KOBE @Sgee @attran99 @TheCookie @Ns1 @Omotesando and others!) :heart:

Sugishita-san also includes Housemade Takana (Japanese Pickled Mustard Greens) and Ikura (Salmon Roe), but add those judiciously. We loved it straight up, without adding anything, but then added some Takana and Ikura to change the flavor a bit (still delicious)! :heart:

Chef Sugishita is really coming into his own, and during the pandemic of all times. His previous time training under Mori Sushi and Hayato is starting to bear fruit.

Aburiya Raku’s regular Takeout menu has some great highlights already, but with the Special Order items (from Chef Sugishita), it just makes the entire experience that much better. Don’t miss out on the Special Order Bara Chirashi Box. The pristine Sushi-grade Fish is outstanding and the flavors are coming together more and more. It is one of the best in the city right now.

And for those that want to get a really special item, one of Hayato’s legendary highlights from its Kaiseki meal, give the Nodoguro Meshi (Blackthroat Sea Perch Iron Pot Rice) a try. It is easily one of the best dishes we’ve had this year, even before the pandemic hit.

As before, for the Bara Chirashi Bento and this Nodoguro Meshi, you should contact Chef Sugishita via his Instagram to pre-order, and then you can pick it up at Aburiya Raku.

Aburiya Raku
521 N. La Cienega Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90048
Tel: (213) 308-9393


:exploding_head: More reasons to come into the city on weekends. So I can prepare my budget and figure out when I can order, what’s the financial impact? The chirashi looks upgraded from what it first started as, too.


Hi @attran99,

I think you’ll love it. :wink: Sugishita-san said it’s best to say it’s “Market Price.” Because it’s reliant on 1 type of Fish only, that Meshi (Rice) dish varies heavily on the price he can get it. He showed me an example of where the Nodoguro price for the week varied as much as ~$40 from one week to the next, so he said it’s best to contact him for final pricing.

You can order a Half or Whole Nodoguro Meshi special order. Enjoy! :blush:




I guess I know what I’m going to ask for soon.

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Damn a side of hotaru ika

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