Farmers' Markets - Any Fresh San Marzanos?

I’ve seen plenty of romas, but I’d really like to find some San Marzanos for my annual sauce making. I know they are grown in California, but am not sure if they are available in Los Angeles.

If you see them (heck, even in San Francisco), let me know! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yup Coastal Organics at the SMFM as well as the stand across from In the Garden of… both have San Marzanos

Coastal has my favorite tomatoes but get there early they sell fast. You might even reserve some if you can find an email like chefs do if you are planning of buying in larger quantities. (10# + might get you a price break)

Excellent info! Thank you.

I got there late so i don’t know what they still have (although I did see the San Marzanos and grape tom) But they also usually have another heirloom italian variety brought over by Evan Kleiman as well as a French heirloom variety that are both excellent.


related PSA. check your local markets for these… very nice tomato… shows tons of freshness… very light and flavorful… it’s on close-out at Ralphs so i’m buying them out.



Did you get your tomatoes? I’m heading out to the market myself

Not yet, life unexpectedly a bit hectic at the moment, so I haven’t had time to get to the market. :frowning:

But thank you for the information, I have saved the contact information for next year, if I can’t manage to make sauce this year.

Some out of season info:

Totally agree with summation. They didn’t do Bianco’s tomatoes. (Which I have my suspicions are co-packed with California “San Marzanos” using a slightly different variety) which are my favorite. But those “San Marzanos” (which you can often find at Ralphs now) are a solid choice, especially given that the ‘editors choice’ is from Indiana…


We know someone who blanches tomatoes, removes the skins, puts in zipping bags and freezes. I like that idea.

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Yes. It’s super easy. Cut the bottom of the tomato with an X. And don’t freeze them all… it’s worth making this every once and while…

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That just got saved! Thanks so much.

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