Farmers markets / Produce in the San Fernando Valley

You could do Epicurus. Its in North Hollywood, not that far from Burbank. And I just realized its not Monday; its Tuesday!


I’ve wondered about Olive. We always pass it n the way to a friends house…

Good to know!

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You might want to head on over to the Super King on San Fernando, right by Burbank. 2716 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Not my fav one (I like the one in Los Angeles as it’s bigger and has it’s own bakery) but, a way fun way to grab some fresh good produce, cheap. Right now they have nectarines on sale, 2 pounds for $1, celery, 4 bunches for $1, lemons 7 for $1.


There was an article about them in the Times last month.

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Okay, I’ve been forced to make a SFV produce thread against my will. :sweat_smile: I actually wanted to make a thread that was more fluid, not so rigid. One where people could post their fruit & vegetable finds from everywhere and what they’re doing with it. We have so many threads now I think the sense of community is fading from FTC unlike another Chowhound splinter board. This particular board has one thread that started as a specific thing but is now compared to the local diner where people go to talk and catch up on things. Of course, the talk is food (mostly). I was hoping to start something like that here, but…

But I’m happy the Valley-ites have a dedicated thread. :blush: Have fun!

There’s no reason we can’t have a general fruit and vegetable cooking thread. I really am curious what is the fate of those tomatoes. Start one and post a link here


I will @aaqjr. But it gets exhausting. Maybe it’s me but almost every time I’ve been on FTC lately I’ve been moderated, argued with or had my topic changed or split. I never realized I was such a difficult person.

…And I actually pay for this aggravation. :roll_eyes:


It’s between Super King and Epicurus. Does Epicurus have fruits & veggies? Because, if I get reprimanded or moderated again for going off-topic I’m going to pack-up my toys and go home.

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Yup and that article was spot on. Except… The crowds aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. Yes, it’s chaos on their uber sale days and by the holidays but, since they have opened more locations, it’s gotten easier. When they first opened the Los Angeles store, I ran into folks driving from West Hollywood to get there and buying heaped grocery carts full of stuff. That still happens, but in smaller amounts. And I can even go on the weekends! (As long as I go after 4pm)

My fav find this year was stunning large fresh artichokes - 3 for $1. I then went home and dropped gift bags of artichokes at my favorite artichoke loving neighbors. Fun!

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I mean truffle is a vegetable right? I’m guessing they have fancy canned asparagus


Funny!!! On my way to Super King. :sweat_smile:

Epicurus does not have produce. But it does have tasty treats that may need refrigeration. I hopped over there last week and it was 20 minutes round trip. But if it’s your first time, you may want to budget more time to roam, taste, and interact with Hilary (one of the owners/managers).


I changed the title to match what people were actually posting about, which was also the reason they suggested splitting off this thread.

No they don’t - unless you count pickles or olives…and truffles. But truffle season is over for a while.

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Yep, it’s in L.A. County I discovered and was a pretty quick drive home (time of day depending, of course).

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10 lbs went to my parents
15 lbs became tomato paste
20 lbs became spaghetti sauce
8 lbs became sundried tomatoes (oven dried)
15 lbs was pureed and frozen in ice cube trays to use in my indian cooking
Took a few pounds to work to share today.
I’ve currently got 6 lbs simmering for tomato chutney.
Have a few pounds left - will probably make more pasta sauce tomorrow evening.

I’m tomatoed out now.


That’s gangsta!




Super Fun at Super King on San Fernando Rd

Thanks for the rec guys! This is one-stop shopping for international foods and your basic grocery staples. They don’t have everything a market who specializes in a specific area of food has (asian, latin, middle eastern, etc.) but pretty darn close to everything and definitely saves some trips to various stores for various items or resorting to Amazon. I saw mom & pop proprietors filling up their carts with all kinds of leaves, spices, etc. specific to their traditional cooking.

The produce is not organic so thorough rinsing is a must, plus not everything is refreshed frequently like at a Ralphs or Vons. You need to check for smushes and mold. But you can find some stunningly pristine fruits & veggies. Folks were all over those champagne grapes, and the tomatoes I selected - while not having the varietal flavors of some Farmers Market tomatoes - were fresh, juicy and not mealy. My white nectarines aren’t ripe yet, so.

Total was less than $70.00