Fast Food Thread

So, Del taco is testing “Kitchen Crafted Tacos” at some locations here in SoCal. They are about $2.50 to $2.95 each.

Ok, no photos. In the car, driving, nighttime. Relying on my ((cough)) pallet.

Here, stolen photos.


Chimichurri Steak Taco (topped with some cabbage), a Steakhouse Taco (crinkle-cut fries on the bottom, the steak and cabbage), Beachside Fish Taco, and a Guac Chicken, with their new “housemade” guacamole. BTW, the new guacamole can be ordered by itself or with chips.

I had the two steak and the chicken tonight at the Del Taco on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica.

The taco was a street-size flour tortilla. The chicken was pretty tasty. Slightly more meat than they have in their street tacos. The fresh made guacamole was definitely nice, and did not seem overly watery like many fast food places. It’s nice addition to the menu as you can order it by itself or with chips, and I assume as an add-on to other items.

The chimichurri steak taco was served in a flour tortilla not the two corn tortillas as promoted. While the taste was good there was no noticeable cabbage or topping of any sort, Though again, I ate it in a car and it was dark. But I think I would’ve noticed :slightly_smiling_face: It seemed kind of just, well, like meat in a tortilla. The sauce was so abundant and strong that I really could not taste the meat much at all. The sauce though packed some pleasant heat I wasn’t expecting.

The steakhouse taco with the french fries was easily my favorite. They served this in two street taco-sized corn tortillas rather than the flour tortillas advertised.

The steak had a nice slight crisp on the edges, combined with the slight crispiness of the potatoes, it was nice. Did not notice any cabbage. If it was there it was sparse. Though this was the size of a street taco it had much more girth than the other two tacos because they jammed the french fries in there.

They offered a taco combo, two tacos plus a small fry for $6.00.

To me, they’re pricey as they’re the size of the Del Taco street tacos. In Los Angeles, we have a million places (probably underestimating) serving good asada, including 40 street vendors within a 2 mile radius of my home. Why would I pay about the same price? Well, Drive-thru convenience I guess.

Personally I’d stick to getting their regular taco offerings and add the guacamole. The best new thing in the bunch.

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I have no idea how the food at Portillo’s Buena Park compares with their Chicago locations but I too was underwhelmed by both the Chicago DOG and the Italian Beef. I get that the neon relish, pickle, etc. are the Chicago thing, but the dog is nowhere near as good as many others IMHO. And their beef is not as good as Philly’s Best… again IMHO.

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I was underwhelmed when I had Portillo’s in Chicago (okay, Naperville) years ago, but I’m no expert on Italian Beef. I thought the Chicago Dog there was serviceable. I have not been to the BP location, and won’t go out of my way for it based on my experience in the Chicago area.

Does this count?


It’s all about the chocolate cake shake at Portillo’s. Had the Italian beef this year at Portillo’s and Al’s Beef in Chicago, I don’t really get it. Would much rather have a Philly cheesesteak.


The dip of the bread in the au jus made the Italian beef hard to eat. The bread at Portillo’s in Buena Park started to get very mushy. I know lots of people from the Chicago area who asked for double dip which didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

We much preferred Al’s Beef in Chicago but I’d take a cheesesteak any day of the week as well.

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I really enjoy the queso loaded nachos with carne asada at Del Taco.

And Jack in the Box eggrolls.

My tri annual craving for Panda Express Orange Chicken.

“Just a moment sir”

When it comes to Panda Express Orange Chicken…you want to wait! I come around dinner time and I take a peek at how low the Orange Chicken is. If its low I know a fresh batch is coming soon or I’ll tell them I’ll wait. It’s worth it. Nicely crisp and sauced. If you choose to get it to-go the drive home with a fresh Orange Chicken, the SCENT will drive you absolutely nuts and drooling, so good! I also got a Beijing Beef and half fried rice half chow mein


single serving maldon salt is the most baller thing I’ve seen in weeks. where do you get this?

I don’t know, I’m sorry! I mean, I’m sure you can get it on Amazon but that’s not really new information.

I first saw someone pull it out of their pocket in their own house and was like, “What a pretentious douche” then within a year someone completely unrelated to them gave me one as a gift. I guess if the shoe fits…

omg they sell pinch tins like altoids. so baller


I carry the Jacobsen salt version that I picked up at the farm shop at the Brentwood country mart!

That’s a great salt . I’m hooked on the Cyprus flake salt . Big ass flakes.

FYI, McDonalds has “declared” March 2nd as “National McMuffin Day” and they’re giving everyone a free Egg McMuffin through the app.