Fast Food Thread

They don’t look too different from the Sidewinder™ fries they offer at Brick and Flour and those are pretty tasty. I’ll eat some pretty trashy stuff, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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I’m with you only I’ll take it with a pound of salt! :wink:

Anybody do the free food through Taco Bell’s app yet? It’s effective through Dec 15th


OK, gave McDonald’s a second shot at their new crispy chicken sandwich.

Yeah, I had to see if my first experience was a one off. Nope, my impressions are the same. The fillet is roughly the same size as a Chick-fil-A sandwich. And while they may dress up the same with just the pickles and the buttered bun that’s where the similarities end. This is a bland chicken fillet. They definitely went for a neutral flavor. McDonald’s uses no discernible seasonings. If you order it, make sure you get some sauces. Unlike Chick-fil-A, their sandwich needs it. Seriously, at least give me some salt and pepper.

It WAS crispy… it WAS juicy. So there is that.

Their spicy version uses the same bland chicken breast. Chick-fil-A uses a spicy chicken breast on their spicy sandwich. McDonalds is relying on their sauce to carry the day, for the flavor and the heat

I will say this, the sauce was very spicy compared to other fast food offerings. This, I liked.

Like I said in another post, the bun is the star of the show to me. They should totally make breakfast sandwiches on them. It’s a shame they didn’t spend as much time figuring out their chicken breast.

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Arby’s entering the fish sandwich wars and if you feel like giving up or making up some info, you can get a free sandwich. I went through the question steps just for kicks to see what kind of questions they’d ask and the set up before they actually give you the damn check for the sandwich. Stopped short of filling in my info.

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Having tried most of the fast food fish sandwiches a few years ago, Arby’s had my favorite.
Special mention goes to Culver’s, which made the best one I’ve ever tasted, but I haven’t been to Wisconsin in years.
Have not tried the Popeye’s offering yet, though.


KFCs new chicken sandwiches. They are $3.99 each a la carte.

Here we go with the foil packs.

They are pretty good. IMHO, definitely better than new McDonalds versions.

They’re thick like Popeyes, but not as crunchy. Comparable. The pickles though are not as thick or as bold.

They were quite juicy. The breasts were not of even thickness, which I like. Means less processing. The thick ends were thick enough that my mouth could barely get around it. Pretty cool LOL!!

The breading was crunchy, not quite as thick as Popeyes and could use some of those 11 herbs and spices from original recipe. That’s pretty much my gripe of Popeyes or McDonalds. The breading isn’t as seasoned as Chick-Fil-A.

The spicy features the same filet with a spicier slightly smoky sauce. Better than McDs sauce but not as hot. Wish the breading was different than the original, something I like about the spicy sandwich at Chick-Fil-A.

All in all, not a bad effort and a good price point.

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I have not had Little Caesar’s in over 15 years. It’s now available on DoorDash and you can’t beat the prices. We’re wondering how much we’re going to regret this.

The bagel crust pizza is decent, until you catch some of the overpowering salt flecks. Can they make this without that? Otherwise, can’t complain for the price.

First time trying the cheesy bread. It is as glorious as everyone says.


One of my favorite high school memories is my friends and I hanging out at one of our smoke spots that was in a strip mall with a little Caesars. There’s four or five of us but one friend and I walk over to caesars and buy a five dollar hot n ready.

We get back to the group and within three minutes the pizza is gone so same friend and I walk back to Little Caesars and ask the same guy who had just helped us for another pizza.

We all looked at each other. His eyes were red, my friends eyes were red, my eyes were red. And we all laughed.


2 sauces is key.



Burger King chicken sandwich is getting pretty terrific reviews from folks who have had it in the BK test markets.

Word is being part of the same company as Popeyes is going to help them here.

The national rollout has been delayed because apparently there’s a pickle shortage because of Covid. Well, a shortage of glass jars to package pickles in.


I was pleasantly surprised by the sandwiches at KFC. Prefer it to Chik-Fil-a, just think the 11 herbs and spices give it a lot more flavor. They really do give you a good amount of pollo for 3.99

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Leave it to me to find an app bug that works in my favor.

So yesterday, Wednesday I was going to go to Burger King they have whopper Wednesday and you can choose for a single whopper, $1, double $2 or triple $3.

I added one to my shopping cart but did not check out because dinner plans happened.

Today I’m driving by a BK and I decided that would be good for lunch so I open up the app and in the cart is still my whopper with the deal pricing and I hit check out and it gave me he pricing.

here is my $2.00 plus tax double whopper, extra lettuce extra tomato extra onion extra pickle, on a Thursday.

The picture may not look like it, but it is loaded with lettuce and tomato. Tastes like a burger from your own backyard except it’s two thinner patties. Awesome.


I haven’t had a whopper in so long damn that looks good.

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I got to tell you, It is kind of underrated. If it’s a BK that’s doing volume and the burger is fresh, really terrific.

I honestly think the key is getting extra lettuce extra pickle extra tomato extra onion. It makes up for the thin sliced veggies.

And at $2 on a Wednesday, no better QPR.

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Pro-tip at Burger King if you ask for it fresh off the Charbroiler you’ll get a non microwaved burger!


Wish Burger King would serve all-day breakfast. The Croissan’wich is pretty good, and I would love try their equivalent of Filet o Hashbrown.


That’s a whopper of a glitch.