Fatto A Mano (Redondo Beach)

Another good handmade casual pasta joint with a very fair price point ala Pasta Sisters. In fact, Marco (owner/cook) knows them! And like Pasta Sisters it is located in a strip mall with not so great parking, and about the same size. You choose your sauce and pasta, but really go with Marco’s suggestions. He also offers Roman style pizza.

Marco was born in Milan but has spent many of a time with his Aunt who lives in Amalfi. He is very warm and hospitable. Everyone is greeted when they walk in. Names are exchange. Repeated customers name are remembered.

With his Aunt’s coastal influence you know you gotta try this…

Anchovy, Garlic, and Oil with Spaghetti.
This was my favorite dish for my 1st visit. It is something I imagine his Aunt making for him (all of the sauces are his Aunt’s recipe btw). There is a tingle of spice on your tip of the tongue then gives way to the anchovy and garlic. The pasta was cooked nicely.

The zucchini, mint, and guanciale also sounds very good and I regret not getting this. Next time.

Bolognese with Pappardelle. Tasty. Bolognese is gonna vary from family to family. I prefer Pasta Sisters to be honest. I wouldn’t turn this down though. Marco says there is beef, pork, and guanciale and is cooked for a day.

Cacio E Pepe. My least favorite on this visit. I think I prefer Felix’s. This was a little too saucy/cheesy for me and not enough black pepper to counter it. Or could be I let it sit for a few minutes while working on my other pasta when this dish should be eaten immediately

Eggplant Parm. Not breaded! This was solid the best part was tasting the tomato sauce which had a sweetness and slight tartness that I enjoyed. Maybe next time I’ll get a plate of pasta with the simple tomato sauce.

Crostatda with Nutella, Espresso. If you like Nutella you’ll like this. Shoot I think amongst our conversation and chatter this was not charged.

This is a solid choice in the area, I’ll be back to try some other pastas and the pizza.


Thanks, @JeetKuneBao! Gonna try this based on your review.
Is this a better lunch place or dinner place? Both?

I think either is fine, there is only like 3 tables if you are coming with someone else just FYI

The experience is very much identical to Pasta Sisters (Pico x Arlington location).

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Big fan of Fatto A Mano. Pasta is great and Marco couldn’t be nicer. They can get pretty busy sometimes so consider calling in your order in advance - especially if you want to try the pizza which frequently sells out.

our Redondo besties have been singing Marco’s praises for months.

FYI Marco is shaving both white and black truffles (‘‘tis the season) on the porcini pasta

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Went last night to pick up an order. No pics b/c it was a dinner w/ friends. Had the fusilli w/ porcini mushrooms and sausage and pappardelle w/ bolognese. Both delicious (and the bologese was surprisingly, and pleasantly, light).

Just be ready for a LOOOOONG wait, if it’s busy (possibly up to 40 mins for the food, even if you’re eating in). As far as I could tell, there is all of one burner. The chef/owner and his staff are working as hard as they can, but there’s only so much you can do w/ a structural issue like that.

Not a destination if you’re in a place like West LA which has a lot of great pasta options, but this is a great local place (I’d be here all the time, if I lived in the area).

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