Favorite balsamic vinegarette and goat cheese

I’m making a salad.

I like Alice Waters’s version, which originally used only red wine vinegar but was revised in the second book to use a teaspoon of sherry vinegar plus red wine vinegar. Balsamic seems too sweet to me in that context.

So you want to put the goat cheese in the vinaigrette?

@robert, I agree. I have a very nice bottle of balsamic that I’ve never opened. I seem to have moved away from it.

I lied :slight_smile: I just remembered this dressing that I like a lot. But I DO still have an unopened bottle :slight_smile:


In Modena, they put a few drops of the really good stuff on grilled meat. I think on Reggiano too, if I remember right.

We’re going to be in Tuscany soon - not close enough.

You can do that anywhere.


Cool. But it’s so fun to buy local. I have A LOT of olive oil :slight_smile: