Favorite Charcuterie Shops (To Go)?



Just wondering what everyone’s favorite places are to buy Charcuterie to go (for a dinner party)?


Definitely Epicurus Gourmet! epicurusgourmet.com
Today will be a great time to go as Saturdays they pull out the stops for tasting.


Two suggestions.

Milkfarm or Larchmont Village

Merry Christmas


I’m obviously not there but I LOVE the idea of a dinner party of all charcuterie and other luscious bites. Yay for you.

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Gwen and eataly also good choices


Sigh. Eataly.
I’m a big baby so the parking, the mall, the crowds bug the hell out of me.
But Eataly has a really amazing selection of charcuterie. Plus they have all the other accoutrements you might want.
Because I’m a crazy person, I’d actually go to Eataly for everything but the bread. Then I’d go to Gjusta for the bread.

Honorable Mention: La Espangnola Meats + Alpine Village bang-bang for a bit of a different take on things. Not better quality or selection per se, but certainly different items than the typical Italian-focused places I mostly frequent.

Sidenote: RIP Wally’s Cheese Box.


Definitely want to check them out!

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Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

This thread is making me want to change the menu for my own get together.

BTW… did you guys see that Cannibal has already bitten the dust?

Happy Holidays!

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Thanks everyone for the great ideas. :slight_smile:


Yah I saw that, thanks @TheCookie.

I love a good Charcuterie board when I host: It helps save time and usually the guests enjoy something from the board, a good Soppressata or Saucisson Sec, or maybe a nice Sheep’s Milk Cheese or Brie, or something else. :slight_smile:


Shoulda changed focus to “Cannabis”. Munchies, Yea!!!

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Depending on how many you need to feed, I (and my guests) have been very pleased w/ the cheeses I get at Costco (no, seriously). Really like the Homboldt Fog.


“No, seriously” is right! I went to a party at a friend’s home a couple years ago. She had a big, beautiful cheese board. She said Costco did the whole thing for her.


You may also want to consider the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills or even Andrew’s Cheese Shop.

Both have enough charcuterie to keep things interesting and you have the added bonus of a huge cheese selection. Both also carry excellent baguettes. Andrew’s should be able to sell you a parcooked Milo+Olive baguette that you can finish off right before you serve your board.


Yep, we’ll be there tomorrow. Semi-annual ritual: Tom’s Toys, Cheese Store (will check out charcuterie), Nate’n Al’s for lunch and to pickup Xmas breakfast stuff from the cold case.



Oooh… I don’t live close to an Andrew’s but that sounds lovely.

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I got such a great tip on CH many years ago. A good charcuterie board IS the meal not a starter. As that person said, an “appetizer” is supposed to whet the appetite not kill it. That’s held me in good stead.

Not helpful to the OP but I’ve been super pleased with the gift box from D’Artagnan via Costco. And I was impressed that every ingredient is something I can pronounce :slight_smile:


What on earth!? I’ve been reading their “In Stock” list. It’s incredible. Definitely taking only a certain amount of cash and no plastic. I’m afraid! I mean really… they have about 40 different varieties of crackers alone! Crackers!


Oh wow, Cash Only? I didn’t catch that. Thanks for the FYI.