Favorite Charcuterie Shops (To Go)?


Yes they do. My bad. I was starting to lose steam and just grabbed a jar off the shelf. But still, they should probably do some inventory. These were pretty old.

Thanks again for the recs. They were definite highlights!


Sorry, she going to be living at my house. The lower level is basically a 1300 sq. ft. space. I can turn the laundry room into her kitchen!

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Super late to this conversation. As much of a Milkfarm fan as I am, Guidi Marcello in SaMo takes the cake. If you’re an Eastsider, you can sometimes request their product at the Italian booth at the South Pas Farmer’s market.

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Good addition @chewchow. It seems really big! I like that they have a product list on their website. It’s hard to imagine how places like this and Epicurus Gourmet keep up with all their inventory.


Small, but quite nice, Cheesemongers of Sherman Oaks has some good meats, and more, even better cheeses. Right on Ventura Blvd, quite convenient for South Valley denizens…


BIG - that’s funny.
It’s not big, its tiny, but they do stuff a lot into a small space.

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Charcuterie To Go


Groundhog Day? No, my birthday and a very kick back one too. We did another Monsieur Marcel To Go Board…

It’s almost the same as Valentine’s Day, but we switched out the Truffle Brie for slices of Duck Mousse w/Port. I’m loving the Persillé de Chèvre (blue, goat, soft, silky, cream). It is a great blue for cheese boards - enough strong blue taste for blue lovers but not too strong for the crowd. I like they’re Fig Walnut Spread. I don’t know if they make or buy it but there is nothing boring about this one - it has texture and a soft, nutty crunch.

Bread was either fresh baked or reheated. It came warm.

Baguette, Turkey, Brie, Strawberry, Basil

They are really featuring strawberries in their food right now and they are :kissing_heart:.


Happy belayed birthday, @TheCookie !!


Hi @TheCookie,

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile: And wow, Blue Goat Cheese? On paper it sounds like it could be really pungent, but as you reported back, it sounds nicely balanced. I’ll have to try that next time I’m there. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Happy birthday, @TheCookie!


Happy Belated Birthday! :birthday:

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Happy b-day!!!

That baguette looks divine.

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Thanks everyone!

It’s our anniversary month too (finally going to Republique). I’ve basically made peace with my pants getting too tight in Feb. followed by salads and walking up hills in March. My other consolation is I was born late and wasn’t named Valentina - in California? Not a blink. New England? :rofl:

Perfect @Bookwich, haha. I tried to get hubby to bring home our semi-annual KFC cheat the other day (includes a pot pie). Okay, yes, I had a slight hangover. He brought home fried chicken and a frozen Boston Market pot pie from Ralphs (mid-wilshire) instead. :smirk: But I understand. PSA for locals - there’s a guy at Ralphs who does a really good job on the chicken. It’s not the highest quality, but he gets a really good fry on it and doesn’t over-cook or over-salt. It’s time stamped and “This batch was was right out of the fryer”.

Anyway, blue cheese. I bought The Book of Cheese by Liz Thorpe a while back and when I come across a tasty cheese I look it up. She says blue is not A cheese. Good blue cheese is about cheese first then the blue. And goat cheese, etc. doesn’t necessarily have one texture or consistency. Goat cheese can also have a silky, fudge or runny consistency (brie). This is probably what makes Humboldt Fog brilliant - it highlights all of this. Anyway, if you come across the Persillé de Chèvre @Chowseeker1999 and it has a darker rind (more aged & more moisture inside) try it. I think it’s rather special.

Can you tell I like cheese? I could actually go on…


Happy birthday!

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I cut and pasted your comment into my notes for future reference. This is going to be handy next Christmas.