Favorite high quality tuna?

Got a favorite? Looking for things in the $5-$10/jar or can range. Future use is hopefully right out of the jar/can and onto a salad.

Something like this?


We’ve tried this and liked it better than any of the larger brands. I’ll be tracking this thread, though.


Also, has anyone tried Tuna Guys? An old CH favorite…

@catholiver has mentioned Ortiz a couple of times:



Although I’ve gotten it from Zingermann’s I understand that World Market has it and you don’t have to buy a case to get a decent price.

Image result for ortiz tuna can

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This doesn’t really fulfill @Ns1’s Gourmet Tuna quest. But kinda’ apropos anyway.

Sorry, I don’t know how to do that cool imbedded thing like you guys.


I’ve tried a lot of these. Unfortunately my criteria doesn’t align with theirs. How could they give Chicken of the Sea and Starkist a mention, but not this?

The best store-bought tuna in my opinion. Tried to make a sandwich with it, but discovered I haven’t unpacked my can openers.

We settled for this chart topper…

Where are my chunks?

It is supposed to be tuna and sea salt only, but I detected a citric acid taste. So much so that even I wanted to add sweet relish. Of course, I don’t have any. I used honey mustard dressing instead.

Okay, I digress. Will be on the lookout for some premium jarred tuna goodness!


Or canned :slight_smile:

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Cool can

I mean Ralphs, Vons and the like. Not the gourmet markets where you find filets in jars and such.

What I’ve been using for some years now (see above) but a different can. About double the volume.

Good price on Flott, at least on the 5.5-oz. cans. Free shipping for orders over $50.


I heard there was a fancy Tuna post and here we go…

Thanks to @DiningDiva… I got inspired by the Serious Eats Giant Bean Salad to use up the last bit of Marcela Beans I had from Rancho Gordo. At first, I was going to make it some Linguica I got at Huntington Meats… but then decided that maybe too much contrast and decided to make the salad and add tuna instead…

And that is why I am here on this post… my favorite tuna is Katy’s Smokehouse from Trinidad, Ca. Year ago I tagged along for a gig P had up in Eureka and we literally stumbled into this place. I bought a couple of cans of tuna then… Regular and Jalapeno and when I used the at home, I was blown away. Tuna Salad Sandwiches are one of my favorite things since i was a kid… This stuff was next level tunainess. I looked up how to order online… and it was crazy expensive… I hate to order stuff online anyway… so I never gave it much thought… Until…

Came the time of anxiety ridden grocery shopping. I decided to do as little shopping as possible. And to only buy things I love. So I ordered a huge box of Graber Olives. I called in a favor and got a box of Snickers Munch delivered. I went back to Katy’s Smoke house website… it hadn’t changed in 5+ years… the shipping was still stoopid expensive… I made the order COUNT.

And then I waited… and waited. It got knocked around differed UPS facilities and then never moved. Delivery dates were move and moved and moved. I had just began to lose hope, when well over a month later… a box finally showed up on my door step looking like this…

And no… At this point I hadn’t even opened it myself! I took this picture to document incase any of my precious tuna cans were missing or damaged…

Thank goodness… the complete order was in… all cans perfect.

So… that’s what $80 of Tuna looks like… but once you read the ingredients you KNOW. It’s domestic tuna that is cooked in it’s own juices. No water. No oil. Just HUGE chunk of tuna and sea salt. And love…

And how was it with the bean salad… Amazing…

And very filling. Especially with Toasts (Get the toasts from WF in DTLA… the WF on 3rd and Fairfax always sells you soft overly salty toasts) but beans and toast continue to be one of my favorite things, so I look forward to snacking on this for the rest of the week.

As for my rapidly dwindling Katy’s Tuna Stash (I am now down to three cans of the original 8.) I will probably use them all up. While it worth for me to order another stash. I also have recently enjoyed La Brujula Tuna Belly. It has a milder taste with all the meatiness of Katy’s. So I think it’ll be a little more versatile as I make different types of Tuna Salads. I got it recently at Epicure Gourmet in WeHo. Will be heading down there soon again… and will stock up.


That tuna looks awesome!

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I got anxiety just reading about it. Lol i don’t handle delivery delays well

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I know! Did you notice all the stickers on the package… It was like the sad little box no one wanted to deliver… Not today sticker Not today sticker Not Today sticker

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Yes omg! Looks like that package got beat up too, no wonder you took a picture of it

Better late than never. I’m still missing a USPS box of beers I shipped to a friend during Christmas last year.

The tuna looks great. We’ve been buying some single pole line caught stuff from WF that is ~$4 a can. And I think it’s half the size of your tins. Might give Katy’s a try. During quarantine we’ve been eating tuna sandwiches for lunch once per week.