Favorite pizza-by-the-slice place?

My vote goes to Surfrider Pizza in OB.

But it’s my favorite pizza-by-the-slice joint not because of the pizza because while the pizza is good it’s nothing remarkable. Rather, the place makes great cheesesteak sandwiches and a fantastic carrot cake cookie.

Long Island Mike’s. Plus the meatball roll and the stromboli are legit. Damn good cannoli’s too. I drive a good distanace for this killer pie! Lots of selection by the slice, plus good lunch specials and craft beer on draft.

I live in a pie wasteland, without a decent sly within 10 miles. I’ll drive miles to Mike’s before I go anywhere else. That shit’s like crack pie. Its the only place I know where the wife wont even give the pups any crust

I can’t recall the last time I had pizza by the slice. Do you (ipse) or anybody else know of a decent place near Bay Park? I sure don’t.

Not great pizza but sometimes the slices from Napizza are nice after the LI farmers market on Saturday

I like napizza too.

As for New York style, I’ve given up.

Bongiorno’s in Solana Beach is my favorite pizza by the slice joint. (Bongiorno’s have also opened in Poway and Temecula, although I haven’t been to those establishments.)

I have been to Luigi’s and Bronx Pizza, and found Bongiorno’s to be superior.

Been to Bongiorno’s in Poway (but not Solana Beach). It was okay. Would not make a special trip to Poway for it though maybe the Solana Beach location is much better. However, my favorite pizza (not slice place) was the short-lived Pizzeria Mozza which was not regarded highly by CH/FTCers.

You should try Caffe Calabria pizza - best so far I had in SD even clearly beats Buena Forchetta. Not unlike their coffee business they put a lot of thought and dedication in their approach towards their style of pizza (which is close but not the same as Mozza (which also a favorite of us in NB and LA)

I don’t know, I’ve been a few times and while not bad, it just wasn’t that great. Now several of my SO’s girlfriends who are from New York/New Jersey swear by it. I, and don’t throw rocks, prefer Flippin Pizza. I just like the crust so much better. That is the one on So. El Camino Real in Encinitas, have never been to the one up in La Costa. Unfortunately for me, no pizza till Easter.

I have been to that Flippin’s several times in the last few years when I have been to lazy to go to Bongiorno’s. I confess that I am not a fan, as the amount of cheese appears to be at the level of a millimeter sheen, and sometimes the pizzas look like they have been left over from the first gulf war. Also, Bongiorno’s provides a selection of about 15 varieties at any given time.

Agree. While not great, Flippin is the best in north inland county.

Will do thanks. SD (and SoCal) have places I like for Neapolitan style, just haven’t found anything spectacular for New York style. Grimaldis in el segundo up north was pretty good and Mozza, while a different style, is also very good.

What exactly do you mean when you say “New York style”?

I ask only because there are actually few distinct styles of pizza found in NYC.

There is the New York gas-oven style, and a coal-oven style which is loosely Neopolitan-based, and a square-style pizza. When people say “New York style” most likely it’s in reference to either coal-oven whole pies or gas-oven street slices with one or no toppings (the iconic fold, walk, and eat slice).

Not NY style, but Lefty’s does Chicago deep dish whole and by the slice and they also do a pretty great Italian beef.

Berkeley pizza in the Gaslamp does Chicago style as well and I think they also do a slice special for lunch.

Both solid choices if you like that sort of thing. I do.

Long Island Mike’s does the square style and the thin crust NY style pies. Best NY style pie ive found in sd county

Gas oven street slices, the greasy fold over type where the cheese drips off.


But kidding aside, as to places in SD. Bronx or Pauly’s are the closest I’ve found.

Ambiance and menus are off, but the pizza slices (the cheese and pepperoni) are pretty good approximations nonetheless.

Never heard of Paulys, thanks. Bronx was probably best I’ve had in San Diego, similar to Vito’s or tomato pie places in LA.

Sicilian Thing on 30th street. You can get a good mix of thin crust and deep-dish, and I have liked the ingredients and crust better than the usual suspects (Bronx/Luigis/et al)