Favorite Restaurants San Fernando Valley (SFV)?

Honeybaked Ham in Northridge has a pretty good breakfast, and I’ve seen people get mimosas. Can’t think of anything else for North Valley. If you’re willing to go south, Blu Jam or Hugo’s are good.

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Goto@Silog in Panorama City

Arroz Caldo with Tokwat Baboy and Sizzling Sisig. IMO, best sisig in LA. First time having Arroz Caldo, full of flavor, way better than any jook/congee/rice porridge I’ve ever had. Tokwat baboy was fried well and perfect. Garlic rice was kinda weak but just cover it in sisig and you won’t notice.


Back at Salsa & Beer NoHo.

Gr8pimpin Protein Platter. Ok, they didn’t serve it on the same plate this time. Side of asada, side of carnitas.

Wifey got the usual asada y camarones

And “Boy” got his monstrous fajita burrito


Where did you park? Home Depot? Nice pics btw!

Right in the lot. We got there at about 5:30. Sat right down, line started after we got there.

But, There’s a guy watching the lot. Tells you when a space opens up, directs things. It’s actually been a lot better than it used to be. They also have some parking across the little street that they will direct you to if there’s an opening. Usually a wait, but not ungodly like it used to be.



Saw someone having chips/ salsa and Huevos Ranchero with Cervesa at Las Fuentes in Reseda for breakfast. Cheers!


Jinky’s in Studio City and Sherman Oaks. Red velvet pancakes, if they still have them.

And, Sweet Butter Kitchen for breakfast.
Croque Madame


An NYT article on Hotville Chicken mentioned an unrelated place Hawaiian Hot Chicken on Reseda and Dearborn. Has anyone been? How was it?

I’ve been around 6-7 times. It got so popular around here especially with CSUN students that the line most days could be up to an hour long. They use small Hawaaiin buns- they keep two buns attached and cut it lengthwise like a hot dog bun. It’s a little hard to hold but makes for a great counterpoint paired with the spicy chicken. It’s really good. Probably my 2nd favorite after Howlin.


Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen is my current favorite Thai in SFV.

Thai sausage khao soi, where have you been all my life.


Thanks @Ns1. Is the official name Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen? Just making sure which restaurant to bookmark. :slight_smile:

What else do you like on the menu? Thanks.

Yes that is correct. I’m partial to their khao soi, Thai sausage, and TBH their fried rice hits the fucking spot.

I do not care for their pork jerky.

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This is funny… I’ll take my sai oua on the side please. Never seen that combo in a bowl before :slight_smile:

Yeah me neither. But it’s delicious…vastly superior to a drumstick IMO.

On your recommendation went there just now and got the Thai sausage khao soi. Delicious! However I was only the second table occupied on a Thursday night. I certainly hope the word spreads about how good this place is!


That looks yummy. What is that curly stuff (I limit my gluten)?

tastes like deep fried egg noodles.

Deep fried noodles. They have plenty of other options. Its close to my house so I will be exploring them.


Has anyone here managed to try Gino’s East?
I have tried a few evenings but left due to the hour + waits.