Favorite temporarily closed bars?

I’m doing a little research into an idea I had and wanted to throw a question to FTC: Are there any bars people like that are temporarily closed right now? I know I can find a few by looking around and calling but I thought I’d start by asking about any that FTCers particularly like.

Edit: Sorry, I mean to specify bars that are not attached to restaurants. I’m looking into bars that can’t even do takeout because they don’t normally serve food and they haven’t partnered with anyone to allow takeout food and booze.

The Prince
HMS Bounty

Does OB Bear sorta kinda count? Great place to watch the Dodgers and get some wings, spicy rice cakes, and Hite. The Normandie Club looks good for drinks.

I also like the Bigfoot Lodge on Atwater lol.

The Dresden mostly for Marty and Elayne. I like the Frolic Room for the history. Musso and Franks for a martini. The Short Stop for Motown Monday’s, and it also has some history.

I never got to go to Tiki Ti!!! That’s on my to-do list if things return back and they are still around. Others on my to do list: Chez Jay, Red Lion and The Roost.

I like Hinano mostly because I like The Doors and cheeseburgers. I don’t get on that side of town too often though.

Everson Royce Bar has some Japanese whiskeys and of course the burger and biscuits. You might see some local chefs crawl into here late at night. I seen Wes Avila here.

Let me add some more to my to-do list: The Varnish, Breakroom 86 and Bar at Chateau Marmont. Also The Gold Line Bar because I am a fan of Stones Throw Records and it’s a Japanese vinyl bar. I always wanted to have a drink at the bar in Union Station by the entrance.

Scum and Villany sounds fun too lol

Never been to a rooftop bar in LA.

I guess I like theme bars, and bars with history/character. I know there are bars for drinks, but for the most part I ain’t a beer/drink/booze snob.


Oh, whoops! That’s a great list but I realized I should have specified bars not attached to restaurants. I’ve edited the OP to include that.

@JeetKuneBao calmate, guey lol…

I’m going to throw out The Dime but also Blue Collar

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Tiki Ti in Los Feliz, Chez Jay in Santa Monica, Prince O’Whales in Playa, Tony’s Saloon in DTLA, Old Lightning in Venice, Crawford’s in Historic FIlipinotown…

I could really go on, but those are the ones I’m missing most.


Blue Collar
Melrose Umbrella Co.
Harvard and Stone
Kibitz Room

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These are great everyone, thank you! Keep 'em coming if you feel strongly about any of the places

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Roger Room is my old time favorite.

for the most part, bars serve bar food. so ‘attached to a restaurant’ implies to me that one can order food from the restaurant and get it served at the bar. but one could also be seated at the restaurant and never set foot in the bar, in which case i’d nominate the edison downtown for the nights that they have live music and the fact that they have a smoking room where i like to light up a cigar in between live sets. joes great american bar & grill in burbank features live music every night and has a dedicated dance floor. the best blues DJ in LA (according to the blues musicians who play there) plays in between blues sets and afterwards on sunday nights. he’s known as DJ secret asian man, who also plays blues violin at various jams held at joes each month.

When I used to frequent bars, these were some of my favorites:

Harvard and Stone
The Well
Seven Grand