Favorite Tiki Bars in L.A

Tiki cocktails are a guilty pleasure for me. I had a fun afternoon last week getting drunk in a Palm Springs tiki bar called Bootleggers – the happy hour was killer. ( https://www.bootleggertiki.com/ )

Any favorite tiki bars here in L.A.? Good strong drinks with an “I-don’t-care-if-you-judge-me-I-like-a-fruity-rum-drink-once-in-a-while” vibe? Bar snacks are a nice addition, but the place doesn’t have to have a full menu to qualify, in fact, it’s probably better if it doesn’t. Dive bar is fine, but ironically divey is not a plus.

I live west of the 405 near Mar Vista, so anything on the Westside is better than the Eastside.

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Tonga Hut in North Hollywood. It’s my favorite place. There’s a surprisingly good taco truck in the back parking lot - I’m not sure if it keeps regular hours. Sunday afternoons are when the place is really poppin’.


Went to the one at Clifton’s. I believe it’s called the Pacific Seas. Pretty fun but crowded and it took a while to get our drinks. They also have entertainment during certain times of the night. But i still had a great time.

Thanks. There’s a Tonga Hut in Palm Springs, too.

Tiki ti near sunset junction is super fun. Tons of old/new school tiki drinks. Good mix of young ppl and old timers too

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Tonga Hut is great. If I didn’t have kids, I’d would totally try to become a member of the Loyal Order of the DB.

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I still need to go since they have a bunch of stuff from the Bahooka, minus Rufus (RIP).

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I know it’s the wrong side of town for you, but my favorite tiki drinks have been at Sonny’s Hideaway in Highland Park on their Tiki Tuesday. The food is good enough and interesting enough, and of course the bartenders can make you a tiki drink on other nights, too.

I also sampled a pretty nice tiki cocktail at Old Lightning in Venice, but that’s a whole different story.

Tiki-Ti is a great bar. Cash only. Not the kind of place with fresh juices and house-made tinctures, but very fun. If you can get in.

Yes, though in my personal and objectively correct opinion, the NoHo one is worlds better.

Lono in hollywood

Bootlegger is awesome!
Love Tiki Ti (the only food available is their kibble - it’s free and it’s a bunch of different chips they’ve thrown together) & Tonga Hut. I didn’t care for Tiki No in North Hollywood (drinks were not strong) when I tried it a couple of years ago. Damon’s Steakhouse in Glendale has an amazing Chi Chi if you’re out that way. They also have a decent happy hour as well. You could also head south on the 405 to Seal Beach and check out Don The Beachcomber. They have happy hour as well and it’s a great vibe in there.

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I’ve never been. I just noted that it was in PS when I was in PS. Thanks for the tip.

A couple of friends have been trying to get me to Damon’s. (We like divey sort of steak places – like Dear John’s in Culver City.) Now I have to try it.

Pacific Seas (aka Clifton’s Tiki Bar)

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