February 2019 Weekend Rundown

That’s it? You just parked behind the Mariscos El Bigoton truck? Do you and @moonboy403 not like seafood?! :grin:

I didn’t realize that the truck was literally parked on the street right outside the Birrieria Gonzalez, and I had already had enough birria so I didn’t have room to try the mariscos. But I did have room for churros. Next time, I’m going to hit the mariscos for appetizers, birria for the meal, and finish with churros for dessert.
We had parked in the back lot of Birrieria Gonzalez…since the front lot was pretty full.


40 love for hh drake was there hanging out. Great happy hour cocktails, chicken tenders and burgers were delicious. Will be our new hh spot in the area.

Friday night got a last minute reservation at pizzeria mozza, chicken liver toast, meatball pizza, sausage pizza, octo salad and the lemon gelato pie. Like bestia this spot is one of our go tos it always delivers. That lemon gelato pie was amazing.

Saturday went to sycamore kitchen for lunch. Had the salmon toast and the chopped salad. Apple crostata was the best thing we had there. Definitely a great neighbhorhood spot will be back for the “buttercup”.

Dinner at nanbankan. Assorted yakitori with highlights being the chicken heart, oyster mushroom, and Tsukune. Also ordered yellowtail collar, black cod which were grilled perfectly. Highlight of the night might’ve been the Bonito flake grilled onigiri perfectly crispy and smoky rice ball. We always love the vibe there the old couple that runs it is always so nice and welcoming. They act like they’ve known you for years.

Sunday night noshi sushi. Probably will get a lot of thumbs down from the sushirazzi on this board , but they serve genrous portions like their sashimi boat, are affordable and have a great antmosphere. Highlights of the night were the aji nigiri and their mixed tempura.


Murakami - Melrose Ave (near Milk Bar)

One of our favorite little neighborhood spots, recommended by our dearly missed @MaladyNelson.

Ankimo (monkfish liver) Appetizer

Build Your Own Chirashi Bowl

Cucumber, Spicy Hamachi, Scallop Mayo, Daikon (radish), Hamachi (yellowtail), Ikura (salmon roe)

Ribeye Teriyaki

Everything is fresh and good, but their chirashi bowls are the ticket, imo. And if you have a hankering for fun American-style rolls, they’re churning out some tasty looking pieces.

With one large Kirin $59 + Tip.


Okay, I forgive you. :hugs: But no appetizer. This! With a big bag of tostadas. You can thank me (and @Sgee) later.


Honmaguro akami (lean bluefin tuna, farmed off the coast of Spain) from a repeat visit to Masakazu (Westwood)… There is indeed profound complexity and depth from this farmed tuna. A tremendous piece of nigiri not just in terms of taste, but also in that it represents hope for conserving the species in the wild. It’s also worth noting that shari here is even better on my repeat visit.

Best damn kouign amann I’ve ever had in L.A. (a gift from a friend who steadfastly refuses to tell me where he got it)… The free use of butter, the caramelization, with just the right density - Mon Dieu!


that’s a wicked looking KA.!


Your friend won’t say where he got the pastry? That’s not nice for the baker. A person needs to make a living. Introduce your buddy to the concept of “word of mouth”. :neutral_face:


I threw the best surprise party for my son’s birthday! It was so fun and my rodina all flew in from around the country.

I have no pictures of the food from the party itself right now, but I would like to say that Total Success Staffing is an excellent resource if you ever need a cook or server for a party.

The next morning, I picked up breakfast from Sorrento’s and we spent the day eating sandwiches and swimming. Great weekend all around.

Edit to add: This s the very first time I have thrown a party where ALL the protein was eaten by the end of the night. My brother, who had three teenagers, went shopping with me and he kept telling me to buy more meat, and I was like, okay, but I was thinking he’s crazy. Ha! Was I wrong.


Good point. People like that are irritating.

Buddy says the baker is doing just fine. The KA is a small-batch weekend thing for the baker, and definitely not his/her bread & butter (see what I did there?)… My friend doesn’t want what little supply of the KA there is to be ravaged lol…


Oh, you’re going by “Buddy” now?


I haven’t even been there! But I do love seafood. :heart_eyes:

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Yes, my pal-o-mine. :smiley:

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Thanks for the tip @Bookwich! I think about this a lot. I’m close to the lady (and her family) who works as our sometime housekeeper and I usually want her at our parties not working them. It would be awkward hiring another housekeeper, so I basically run around like a crazy person doing sh_t myself unless someone volunteers… usually said housekeeper!

P.S. Sounds like a great party and weekend! I hear ya’ about feeding teenagers, in particular boys!

Oops… sorry @frommtron. You’re not irritating at all. :relaxed:

Furiously begins to search instagram to find the baker


Wonderful dinner at Night+Market Sahm

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Angel Maid Strawberry Cake to celebrate :slight_smile:


Oh sweet, sweets! Great penmanship.

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