Fettuccine rigate

I have not been able to source fettuccine rigate lately. Regular fettuccine sticks together. Any places to try?

Your local supermarket? Or any place that carries Barilla.

I’ve tried multiple supermarkets for Barilla.


State Joe’s carries Barilla.

I would check Bay Cities in Santa Monica, though I’ve never seen it there.
It’s a fairly rare pasta type, actually.
If I might delicately suggest that if your fettuccine is sticking then you have a technique issue or an ingredient quality issue.
There really shouldn’t be any sticking going on.


Might make sense to investigate why your regular fettucine are sticking together. That’s not normal.

OP here.
I drop the regular fettuccine into boiling water in a big pot. I tried dropping a few at a time, but that did not lead to any better results. Any suggestions? As an aside, I clicked on the wrong button on Amazon and now own 20# of spaghetti rigate.

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This is store-bought fettuccine? What brand?

Do you not stir the pasta while it cooks? I drop it all at once, and then stir it a few times to prevent sticking. That goes for any kind of pasta.

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Drizzling in a little olive oil in the end (after you’ve strained it) might also help?

Are you experiencing sticking during cooking or after cooking?

Can you return it if you haven’t opened it?

And I just saw it at Smart and Final (on Pico at Cotner in WLA).

Alas, no fettuccine rigate at S & F at Cotner, only regular.

D’oh! Sorry. I checked at Eataly today and didn’t see it either.

It’s a pretty obscure type. I’ve never come across it.